Saturday, August 1, 2009

Swimmin' Hole

We went to the pool for the first time on Wednesday. We tried the outside pool, which has a little kid area with about a foot of (cold!) water. Blaise wasn't too impressed with this. So, we sat him in the adjacent flooded sand pit. MUCH better. He squished the sand through his hands and splashed a bit in the water. That was our first attempt at "swimming".

Determined to keep trying, we went again on Friday. This time; however, we sprung for the ridiculous €11/adult ($15.50!!!) for 2 hours and went inside to the "thermal" area where the air is warm and the pools heated. We started in the baby pool to get him used to the water, then we went into the big pool. He really ended up loving it! He had fun splashing in the water and zooming around between Mommy and Daddy. We even let him go under water a couple times. Next time, we'll be braver and keep working on getting him to actually swim. (I'll get an underwater camera, too!)

Love the serious look on this one

And now, two short films:

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