Monday, August 2, 2010

Tigers, Bunnies and Goats, OH MY!

Last weekend we were looking for something to do in the afternoon with Blaise.  By the time he wakes up from his nap it is usually anywhere between 1 and 2, which means we need an activity that isn't too far away.  Jan was looking on the internet for some local ideas and came up with, "hey, wanna go see some tigers?"  I was thinking, I am not going to drive 45 min one way to go the zoo when B goes to bed between 6 and 7.  Apparently the tigers are here in Ingelheim about 5 minutes from our apartment!  Admittedly I didn't believe it until we actually got there and I saw them with my own peepers.

Up high on a hill is a lovely tower overlooking the vineyards and the Rhine Valley with a restaurant and an animal park.  From what I understand it began as a private venture with the owners saving the tigers and setting up a refuge for them.  Now they have 7 (I think) and are very involved with animal protection.  They have rabbits and goats that kids can feed and the tigers as the main attraction.  Yesterday we visited again and took the "tiger tour" so we could get a little closer.  Blaise likes to roar at them and hold out his rabbit food for them.  :)

Making bunny face

Feeding Goats

Should I give it to you?

Na, I'll eat it myself