Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Ordinary Day

I was inspired by this Baby Rabies Blog Post to take part in a "Day in the Life" blog post. It goes like this: I schlepped my camera around all day yesterday and set my phone to ring every hour and then I took a picture of what we were doing.

The two dimensional pictures make it all seem very peaceful, but that isn't always true! It was a fun project and I am glad I documented our daily life. I will try and do this again in a few months when our daily routine surely will have changed.

Our morning always starts pretty early, but luckily this morning wasn't too early. This picture was taken at 6:44am and it was still so dark outside that I had to use the flash. Kate and I were in the kitchen getting breakfast made and the dishwasher emptied. Blaise was still snorning.

About an hour later, at 7:48am we took this picture after Blaise woke up. Usually Kate is always there in the morning when he wakes up and they are excited to see each other. After their initial hello's Blaise wasn't too thrilled to see her chewing on one of his toys.

At 8:49 it was time for Kate to take her morning nap, so as the routine goes, Blaise gets to watch Little Einsteins (or some other DVRed cartoon of choice) while I go back and fight with Kate. This morning nap is usually pretty easy to get her to take, though. Here he is telling me about the violin that Quincy is playing. He has shown some real interest in the violin so we are planning on getting him one for Christmas/Birthday this year when he's 3.

Just after 10am we had gotten dressed and ready for our day and we both brushed teeth while we waited for Kate to wake up so we could leave for our Playgroup.

We finally made it to play group, though it was a pretty small group today. There were some younger kids there but we ended being the only ones for about an hour :(

An hour later we were still at Playgroup and Kate had watched a baby who knew his way around this place, so I was chasing her every five minutes so she didn't fall down the stairs.

By 12:49pm we were home after a short trip to the drug store and Kate was getting ready to eat her parsnip apple lunch. She looks a little sceptical, but I promise, she likes it! I haven't made nearly as much of her food as I did for Blaise. Not exactly sure why, but I guess I am missing the time and energy. We just recently signed up for a farm box delivery, so we receive local organic fruit and veggies once a week. The apples and pears are usually gone after one day and by the end of the week we are trying to make sure we use everything before it goes bad - hence the yummy parsnip and apple combo. I am glad that she is getting more fresh food now that we have the farm box!

An hour later Kate was slumbering and Blaise and I were in the guest room reading books and resting. He was paci-free for a long time but at my parents he started stealing one from Kate and taking a time out in living room on the couch. We let him since he wasn't napping and we knew he needed some rest. This continued when we got home, so we made the guest room the paci-allowed zone. We spend the majority of Kate's afternoon nap after lunch reading books and resting with a pacifier or Kay-Kay BaBa as Blaise calls it. As a bonus he will occasionally sleep. No bonus today.

An hour later Kate was up and Blaise was driving her to the airport so they could "zoom back Grandma house Grandpa house."

Then we were off to music class. We go to Musikgarten once a week, it used to be Monday mornings, but it just recently changed to Wednesday afternoons at 4pm. Normally I don't have two things planned in one day, but twice a month we have playgroup and music class both in one day. This wouldn't be such an issue if someone would take a nap.

Kate was already in her carseat, so I took this picture to show a half full car. I am really honing my negotiating skills getting Blaise into the car. Once I lose my patience I count to three and if he isn't in his seat (or at least clearly on his way) then he is forceably put in. He usually chooses to do it "self." Usually.

I had to add this picture in the same time slot, because I knew when I took the picture of Kate alone in the car, I was going to blog about the get-in-the-car-fights that I have with Blaise. I felt bad, because then he came with no problem. That happens sometimes, too. 

Our music class was over here (it's only 30 minutes) and Kate LOVED the bells and sticks! She was stalking the bins that they are kept in.

Here we are arriving home at 5:46pm after music class and a quick run to the supermarket for jam and cream cheese (but I didn't get the kind I wanted, boo!). Blaise decided he didn't want to come inside with me, so I was back to using my ultra-sharp negotiating techniques. I didn't really like this shot, but I luckily didn't have a chance to take another because he got into gear and headed inside.

Jan came home shortly after us and we had a quick dinner and got the monkeys into their pjs. They played a little in Blaise's room before Mommy put Kate to bed and Daddy put Blaisey to bed. They really do a great job of interacting and playing together. One of my greatest wishes for them is that they remain friends and always have each other.

An hour and 20 minutes after the kids went to bed (and shortly before Kate's first complaint) I was sitting on the couch working and Jan had run to the store to get the right cream cheese. No success!!

An hour later at just after 9pm I was still sitting in the same spot on the couch working and Jan was watching CSI.

I didn't bother taking a picture an hour later because I was on my way to bed.

If you didn't click on the Baby Rabies link, make sure to at least watch this video:

Hope you enjoyed our Ordinary Day! These next few days will be anything but ordinary as we are moving this weekend! Yes, we just moved last summer, we are just that crazy, but are very much looking forward to our big new backyard!

What does your ordinary day look like?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

His New Look

Blaise got his first little boy haircut last week.  He's had haircuts, but we were always careful to say "not to short!!!" This time I didn't really say anything and this is what happened!

I have to say we really like it, but I am also looking forward to it growing out again! Every time I turn around he seems like he's gotten a little more mature.

We are currently packing for our upcoming move this weekend and Blaise found the Easter box. He opened it up to find plastic Easter eggs and Easter egg drink bottles. It was so colorful that he wanted something out of the box. I told him he could have one thing. He took out two drink bottles and said, "One Blaisey, one Jonah." Jonah is his good buddy. Pretty tricky, right?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our last few hours

My final post from our summer trip!! I need to get caught up so I can post the Beginning of Fall pictures.

We spent the afternoon of the 4th packing and digging in the sandbox. The morning we left was spent horsing around.

We had a wonderful trip and it was so fun watching Blaise solidify important relationships and increase his language skills.

Revolution Day

We had somewhat of a harried 4th of July. We had a nice visit at my Godfather's in Wisconsin, but considering we were flying home on the 5th, we didn't have a lot of time for fireworks, hot dogs and sweet corn. We did manage to make it to the Main Square Festival in Highland - an old stomping ground of mine, and as I've mentioned I enjoyed taking Blaise to such hallowed grounds. It seemed smaller than it used to be, funny how that happens...

The New Generation

While visiting my parents we were able to reconnect with some old friends. It was amazing catching up on 10+ years and what was even more unbelieveable was watching our kids bond over a battery powered latern during a blackout. Seriously how cute are these guys?