Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I am still catching up on events of the past few weeks, hopefully soon I'll be up-to-date.

2.  There was a fire in the building where I work!  It happened on a Friday night so the building was luckily empty.  It somehow started in the basement and melted a garbage can - not sure we are ever going to get rid of that smell!  It seems to have stayed contained in the basement, though the whole building still reeks!  We were without electricity all week, which meant having to cancel evening classes.  I did teach one student at a cafe though :)  Rumor has it the police suspect arson - (it wasn't me!).

3.  Blaise has recently started calling his pacifier "ba," not sure where this comes from, but it is consistently his "ba".  I actually almost exclusively use the German word for pacifier, Schnuller.  I think I just like Schnuller better than pacifier, binky, soother, etc.

4.  He is a pulling-himself-up-on-everything-and-cruise-along-it maniac, but I don't think we're going to make my April 1st walking predicition.

5.  The weather is finally beginning to be somewhat spring-like here.  We are trying to take advantage of that as much as possible.

6.  We have been looking for a new apartment for a while now.  Our current one is in a great location, but with the location comes a lot of noise.  Especially in the summer when you have to have the windows open or you sufficate.  I think we finally found one, we haven't signed anything yet, but we are hoping to meet with the owners this week.  More details once we have it finalized.

7.  Blaise is getting really good at signing.  He has added "car", "please" and "crayon" since I last posted.  He also does "milk," "sleepy," "stinky," "all done," "more," "eat," and "drink".  I can't think of any others he does right now.  Anyone have a recommendation of what else we should teach him?  I was thinking "thank you" and maybe some specific foods.  Though I wouldn't want him to sign "pear" for example and then have to say, "sorry, we don't have any pears."

8.  I can tell that Blaise is changing in many ways.  We are (not so) slowly entering into the toddler years.  He has begun testing limits and I am sure the end is nowhere in sight.  The biggest thing right now is throwing things on the floor, namely books, food and eating/drinking utensils...well and Schnuller, too.  The rule now is one warning then a one minute time-out (a la "The Happiest Toddler on the Block") for books and drinks/spoons/food being taken away after the first warning.  We don't have a great place for time-outs, and honestly he doesn't really seem to care too much, but I hope he learns that there is a consequence to his actions.  We have been using his high chair (turned away from the table, so as to not confuse eating time) so far as a time-out spot with no Mommy in the room - any better location ideas?  I should also mention the provoking, here's the scenerio:

     Blaise throws book on floor.
     Mommy:  Blaise, we don't throw books on the floor.  Ouch book!  Pick it up please and give it to Mommy.
     Blaise picks up book, looks at Mommy and throws it again!

I know it is about learning and testing limits and he isn't being all "take this Mommy," but it sure feels like it sometimes.  Plus, he is really cute when he is being devilish!

9.  For all you Buffy fans out there, I found this gem the other day during an unusually long (3 hours!) nap.  You can watch all the seasons here online!  Not sure how they are getting away with this, and how long it will be up and running, but for now naptime is slayer-time!  :)

10.  My NCAA tournament bracket, along with millions of other Americans, got pretty rocked last weekend.  Luckily the online contest that I participate in allows re-picks after the first two rounds (for lessor points).  My friend, Kelly, introduced me to it a few years ago and it really is a lot of fun.  My Dad has gotten on board these last couple years and he is doing really well so far - 36th of 487!  I'm, um, not doing so well (though I am currently beating Kelly ;) ).  I should have posted this last week if anyone wanted to join, I'll try and remember to do that next year.  Go Hoosiers!  Uh, oops, I mean, Go Bulldogs!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fishy Fishy

A few weeks ago we took advantage of Jan's last remaining paternity leave days and went on an excursion to an aquarium.  We visited Sea Life on a Friday afternoon with Jan's Mom (otherwise known as "Babi" - czech for "Grandma") and Jan's nephew, Adrian (who is already 4 1/2!).  Sea Life is in Speyer, which is about an hour from Mainz.  We took the train and although it was challenging at times with an almost-five-year-old, Blaise had a good time and therefore so did I.

This kid really loves him some fish!

Making his fish face

Mommy being tricky with the mirrors

Overexposed smile

Babi and Blaisey

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kinder Cappuccino

Jan and I got into the habit of making cappuccino in the morning during his two month paternity leave.  In order to include Blaise, we would make him a "Kinder Cappuccino".  We just put foamed milk in an espresso cup.  He loved it!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Amazing Give Away


Of all the girly things I am not into (shoes, hair, shopping, etc), one thing I do love is bags!  Epiphanie are awesome bags for the woman photographer and they are running an amazing give away!  Check it out - though I hope I win! :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I have had some complaints (okay, only one maternal complaint) about the lack of Ten on Tuesday posts.

2.  Blaise is still napping twice a day, but I think those days are numbered.  His morning nap seems to be becoming 15-20 minutes.  He usually goes down about 90-120 minutes after waking.  Eventually we'll (he'll) just drop the morning nap, but for now he still seems to need his little cat nap.

3.  Our dishwasher "broke" last week.  We called a service company that really helped us out during the holidays a couple years ago when everyone else wasn't working anymore and they came this morning.  Turns out a plastic piece from one of the trays had come off and was stuck in the pump.  The best €85 I ever spent!  It was actually half price if you figure that we were not charged for the telephone consulting we received a while back.

4.  I put him down this morning with a stinky butt!  I was trying to get all the dirty dishes from dinner and breakfast washed before the service guy came this morning, so Blaise had to occupy himself.  When I saw he was getting crabby, I snatched him up and gave him his milk.  While he was drinking the milk in the quiet of his room, I smelled it, but it was too late.  If I would have changed him then the cat nap would have been history.  I felt kind of bad putting him down with a stinky diaper, but I figured that sleep was more important.  He was up 15 minutes later anyway.

5.  Jan started back to work yesterday after his two month paternity leave.  I will now continue to teach in the evenings a few times a week.  I have classes scheduled this week for Tues, Wed and Thurs for example.  It is a nice way to keep a nice balance while still being able to be home with Blaise this year.  I won't be making bank or anything, but it's earmarked for travelling.  :)

6.  We have been listening to a new CD every morning.  Yesterday was Bon Jovi "Slippery When Wet" and today is the Eagles "Greatest Hits"!  He already likes John Denver (obviously, whose kid is this anyway?) and Hoosier Baby also rocks out to John Mellencamp.  It is so fun to watch him dance - he seems to like a fast beat.

7.  I made myself a coffee today!

8.  We visited an aquarium about an hour away in Speyer last Friday.  I'll post some pictures soon.  Blaise enjoyed it, but we didn't get any screams out of him this time.

9.  Blaise is doing great at cruising along the couch and between couches and coffee table.  He also seems to be more steady on his feet.  Over the holidays, I predicted April 1 for taking his first steps, but that now seems a little fast.  I read anything between 9 and 18 months to start walking is normal, so I am not worried by any means.  It is fun to watch him develop and change at his own pace.  Speaking of which...

10.  Fourteen months and still no teeth!  I hope he sets a record! :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Play Group

Blaise and Jan started going to a playgroup the beginning of February; it meets once a week for two hours and is organized through the Catholic Family Education Center (is that a good translation, Jen?).  The age range of the children is only two months, which is nice that they are all so close in age.  Because there are babies born in Dec. 08 and Jan 09, it puts Blaise neatly in the middle.  In general it is really fun to watch the babies interact and learn social skills, even when the only play side-by-side, the recognition of the other one is there and Blaise is also so interested in watching other kids.  They do various things like play with instruments, climb, slide - every week is a different "topic."  Many of the Moms bring snacks for everyone and they have coffee there.  I am taking over this coming Thursday, since Jan goes back to work on Monday and I am looking forward checking it out for myself.  I was able to meet some of the other Mommies and Babies during a walk last week after the playgroup was over (and I was back from a morning class).  Here are some pictures from the first day:

Right after arriving for the first time - astonishment!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Jen and Martin came over a few weeks ago for brunch on the weekend.  Blaise and Jonah are now able to interact some, which is fun to watch - soon they'll be rippin' up the playground! 

Mommy Love