Sunday, March 7, 2010

Play Group

Blaise and Jan started going to a playgroup the beginning of February; it meets once a week for two hours and is organized through the Catholic Family Education Center (is that a good translation, Jen?).  The age range of the children is only two months, which is nice that they are all so close in age.  Because there are babies born in Dec. 08 and Jan 09, it puts Blaise neatly in the middle.  In general it is really fun to watch the babies interact and learn social skills, even when the only play side-by-side, the recognition of the other one is there and Blaise is also so interested in watching other kids.  They do various things like play with instruments, climb, slide - every week is a different "topic."  Many of the Moms bring snacks for everyone and they have coffee there.  I am taking over this coming Thursday, since Jan goes back to work on Monday and I am looking forward checking it out for myself.  I was able to meet some of the other Mommies and Babies during a walk last week after the playgroup was over (and I was back from a morning class).  Here are some pictures from the first day:

Right after arriving for the first time - astonishment!


Jen said...

I love that little sweatshirt, such cute trucks! He's adorable and again, I can't believe how big he's getting. I keep telling my kids to stop growing. Now you need to tell Blaise the same, or at least until we see him again. He'll be like 10 by then...kidding! Playgroup looks fun, fun fun! Instruments are great, especially when they can play with them somewhere else and then leave to go home. I'll never forget when my sister in law bought us a toy drum with drumsticks, sort of as a joke as if we needed more noise in the house!!

IUgirl78 said...

How nice that you've found a playgroup with kids so close to Blaise's age! Who knows? The people in that group could become your closest friends. Well, besides your IU girls, of course. :)