Monday, August 29, 2011

She's on Her Way

These pictures were taken on June 30th when Kate was a week shy of 8 months. There will be no stopping her and I kinda like it that way.

Taste of Chicago

We met up with my friend, Abbi, at the Taste of Chicago one (very hot) afternoon. I had only been one other time and this was the first time for Jan and my Dad so we enjoyed exploring the booths and trying to get as much out of our tickets and stomach space. :) The best thing I tried all afternoon was a fish taco (unfortunately I don't remember from which establishment).

This first picture is a little overexposed :(

Alligaters, Bunnies and Scorpions!

We participated in another lovely library event when Alligator Andrew (what that his name?) came to visit. He was quite the entertainer and brought interesting animals and stories for the children to be awed by. The library was so full that I am glad we got there early to get a spot along the wall.  We waited a long time, but Blaise was quite patient and was thrilled to pet the alligator and bunny at the end.

Region Festivals - St. Thomas Moore

We spent some time trying to take advantage of what the Region had to offer this summer so we found ourselves at some summer festivals, including this one at St. Thomas Moore in Munster. I don't think I frequented this one so much as a kid, but Blaise had fun on the train and fishing just the same.  Michelle "Shell" joined in the fun, too! :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Readers are Leaders...

that's what my Dad always used to tell tells me. I enjoy reading and Blaise has also cultivated a love for his books. During our stay in the US I was eager to take advantage of the summer library programs at the Lake County Public Library (both Highland and Munster branches).  We found ourselves more often at Highland but that had to do with nostalgic as well as practical reasons, for one we often went after our Playgroup at Lincoln Center in Highland, only a hop, skip and jump away from the library. But, for two, I would be lying if I said it didn't mean much to me to take my son to the library that I frequented as a child. It has changed a lot in the last thirty years, but it still has the book smell. 

Here we are at the Tremendous 2's and 3's class (I think). We really enjoyed this librarian, she really knew what she was doing with these kids.

Out on the Town

We went out to eat in Chicago (or in "town" as Blaise says) while Grandma and Grandpa hit the Children's Museum at Navy Pier with Blaise. Kate enjoyed her trip out with the big kids. She even got her own ribs to enjoy.

Then we hit Binny's, that made her feel like a big girl!

I am trying to figure out photoshop and this is one of my first first attempts.  The left image is the original and the right one has been edited.  My ISO was so high that I had a hard time reducing the noise to an acceptable level (eh, like none), but she is hopefully a little sharper and brighter.  The noise factor isn't as disturbing in this smaller image, but anything larger and it is pretty obnoxious.