Thursday, December 29, 2011

We couldn't stop her from turning 1!

We tried.

(sort of.)

It was bittersweet, as are most (all?) milestones. Excited to watch her continued development, sad to see the dependent baby begin to slip away.

She still is a baby, but we watch everyday as she comprehends new things, communicates more and generally kicks butt.

Here she is the morning of her birthday, enjoying her birthday cupcake. She was a fan!

She was the star of the show at her party and I am pretty sure she knew it!

She got into unwrapping presents :)

Blaise got into it, too!

At one year she was standing and taking some practice steps.

I made butterfly cupcakes to go along with our theme.

The aftermath:

Kate has been an unbelieveable addition to our lives. She has become a pretty spunky little girl and a joy to be around.