Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bavarian Girl

As I have previously mentioned, my cousin Kim moved to Germany several weeks ago. She is working for the US Government in a small town called Grafenwöhr in Bavaria - about 180 miles from Mainz. We visited her last weekend with my mom, and although we had less than stellar weather, it was a nice mini-trip and great to see where she is living. She is still in a hotel in a nearby town, Weiden, as she is waiting to move into the house she will be renting. Coincidentally she was house/dog sitting for the current renter of the house while we were visiting, so we were actually able to see and stay in her (future) house.

Walking through Weiden

Kim pointing out the hot spots

Blaise in the car

Hanging out after his morning nap - he was 5 months old on this day!

Eatin' feet with Kimmy

B says: 'ah, Kimmy you're so pretty'

Kim in front of her future home - it was beautiful!

Back home in the car
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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Smart Cookie

I love how he is patient enough to slow down the bell in order to aim better at wacking it!

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