Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ten on Tuesday (it's still Tuesday somewhere edition)

1.  You'll notice I switched out my weight loss ticker with a pregnancy countdown.  Ironic, eh?  Though I didn't reach my ultimate weight loss goal, I did (just) make it back to where I was when I got pregnant with Blaise.  Hopefully after this pregnancy I'll be able to get back faster.

2.  We've begun working more pointedly on the walking.  My friend Jen commented that she thought as soon as Blaise decided he wanted to walk, it wouldn't take much time.  That sounded possible, so I got to thinking, maybe I should be showing him more how to do it.  He really hadn't shown much interest until now, but when we broke out the "walking wagon" yesterday, he was pretty thrilled with his achievement.  I think we're on the way now.

3. We put Blaise to bed with a bottle and as we burp him before laying him down, he pats our back as well.  I wanted to make sure to write that down, so I never forget it.

4.  I think I actually started this ToT list two Tuesdays ago.  So much for motivation...

5.  I had baby appointment about two weeks ago and everything looks good so far.  The baby is measuring about a week ahead, but looking back I found that Blaise also measured over a week ahead early on.  Maybe another big baby?  (Blaise was 9lbs 2oz)  I go back next Tuesday for another look and fetal measuring.  Not sure when/if we'll be able to tell if the intestines have developed correctly, but my doctor seems confident that we'll be able to do appropriate diagnostics.

6.  I think we pretty much decided to wait again to find out the gender.  I was leaning towards maybe finding out this time, but I am having major "girl" feelings, which makes me feel okay about waiting.  I also "knew"  Blaise was going to be a boy.  But, don't pull out the pink frilly dresses just yet.  My girlfriend Jen was 3 for 3 until she had her 4th baby, but she said it made it an extra special surprise that she was wrong about the gender this last time.

7.  Andrea was visiting a few weeks ago and she and Blaise read this super cute book that we got from Jen and Martin.  It is all about a mole who got pooped on one morning and he is out to discover who the culprit is.  We have the German version and I think it was orginally written in German, so I don't know how good the translation is, but the story is really cute as the mole interviews many animals and compares poop.  Blaise really enjoys it and Tante Andy taught him to squeeze his nose closed when something is "stinky".

8.  We have finally been having some really nice weather recently, so Sunday afternoon we went over to Andrea and Andreas' (it's confusing, I know, but I swear Andrea's boyfriend's name is Andreas).  While Jan grilled, I chased Blaise all over as he explored and took apart their living roomn and tried to take a bath in their garden decorations.

Notice the poopy mole book again :)

9.  My friend Sarah got Blaise a sweet book where you can trace your finger through grooves.  There is one outdoor scene which includes a mole.  Blaise does the pat on the head when he sees the mole - leftover from the mole-with-poop-on-his-head book.

10.  My favorite photography blogger, Erin Cobb, is doing an interesting series right now called Mamma (with a camera) Mondays.  She tackles a different topic every week.  It isn't very technical, but still a great read and full of fun ideas.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nursery Rhyme Girlfriend

Blaise received a wonderfully illustrated Nursery Rhyme book from Jen's Mom last year.  He very much enjoys looking at the pictures, especially this one.  I call the little girl his "girlfriend," because he always stops and kisses this page.  It is super cute!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1.  We found a new apartment in Ingelheim.  We will be moving the end of May.  The new place gives us more room - 3 bedrooms instead of 2, as well as under floor heating, a nice balcony and a little yard area.  It will be an adjustment to living in the city, but Ingelheim offers a lot for children and Jan will have about a 7 minute bike commute.

2.  Showering is becoming increasingly more challenging.  Remember this?  Yeah, not so easy anymore.  I am going to have to maybe possibly try showering at night, but I really hate that!

3.  We have had some warm days, but all of a sudden it has turned cold again.  Not much fun for playgrounding.

4.  I have a date Wednesday night!  I am going to my first movie since possibily November 2008.  Jen and I are going to see The Blind Side while Jan and Martin take over nightly baby duties.

5.  I have been pretty tired lately, I am 10 weeks now so I am hoping I soon bounce back.

6.  I am having girl feelings about this one, I was right with Blaise, but I don't feel as sure as I did with him.

7.  Other pregnancy side effects:  I have been wanting all things meat/salty/sour lately, and I have had some nausea which I never did with Blaise.

8.  Easter was pretty quiet around here.  We went to Jonah's baptism in the evening, which was a nice way to celebrate the day.

9.  We went to the Zoo last week with Jen, Martin, Jonah and Jen's Mom.  It was a nice trip into Frankfurt and Blaise had a great time looking at the animals.  My highlight was when he roared at the lions!  I have it on video, but I keep getting an error message when trying to upload it to youtube...I'll keep trying, until then:

10.  We are getting ready for a visit from my Mom.  She arrives in May and will be here for the move, which works out well.  She is an efficient packer and a great babysitter!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Blaise is 15 months and will be 22 months on November 9!
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010