Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Bear and The Cat

I stupidly overlooked getting a picture of the Bear with the the single shots will have to suffice.

We participated in a Trunk-or-Treat Saturday preceeding Halloween. It was a nice gathering of ex-pats looking for a Halloween outlet. Blaise grasped the concept of trick-or-treating pretty quickly, although no one must have told him that you only visit each car ONCE. Whoops.

Here you can see her whiskers a little better...and her fistful of gummi bears!

Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Buddies with Apples

This post has way too many pictures, but I couldn't help it. Anyone who has known me for longer than five minutes, knows my love of all that is fall and apple picking is quintessential fall! I can't get enough of the backdrop, or these two:

For some reason Blaise had some fasciation with Kate's ears:

hmmmm, what's in here?

Weirdest Blaise face ever!

Kate's apple looks pretty good...

I think I'll take a bite...

It was good, but I'll give it back to her...

On second thought, that was pretty tasty...

Love this Kate look!

Don't worry, she got it back.

I tried to get a picture of them in front of the sign, but all I got was Blaise trying to keep Kate from dive bombing off the bench. It's a full time job.

Love this little monkey!

And this big one!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Egg Allergy?

As it turns out I really love this picture. I took it to show Jan her little face breakout after I fed her eggs. Egg allergy?? Really?? I don't know, I haven't retried yet, to see if it really was the eggs. At least it went away quickly.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wine and More

My favorite festival in Mainz (and let me assure you, there are plenty!) is the Wine Festival (Weinmarkt), which takes place in the Volkspark every year in late August. It is a beautifully lit festival which offers wine, games and lazy afternoons.

Blaise loved riding the carousel (over and over and over again)!

Kate had to watch this year, but next year she'll surely be a happy little firewoman!

Another thing that makes this festival so special is the comfortable seating. Wine boxes with cushions are placed all over the park so you can relax with your preferred wine.

There were a lot of activities for kids - including painting, which Blaise enjoys! He painted a shield and a dinosaur. 

There are a few stages with live music, but here is a funny little parade that caught Blaise's attention.

And now we come to the part where my heart swells. I am amazed on a daily basis by these people I call my children. On this day Blaise amazed me by joining the party and playing his little heart out. These (quite a bit older) kids were playing with a boomerang and Blaise crashed their party and ran and ran and ran. He just wanted to be part of it all.

At one point he even got his hands on it and the kids had to negotiate with him.

Assuming position...

This next shot is my favorite - I can just hear him saying, "got it!"

I think he had fun...


now what?

"You stand there"

He got to throw it!

I have to say, these kids were very tolerant and it was so much fun to watch Blaise try to be a big kid. Finally they took off for greener pastures and Blaise followed with even looking back. Jan had to go get him.

Don't grow up too fast, Buddy!

Friday, October 7, 2011

KayKay at 9 1/2 Months

We call her a lot of things depending on the level of stress of the situation, here is a sampling:

Kate MARIE!! (usually when she is heading up the stairs)
KayKay Monkey
KayKay Maus
KayKay Schatz
Crazy Baby
Stink Stink (not so much anymore :(  )

I actually think the list is a lot longer, but it is late. I will have to add some more when I think of them because if I can't remember them now, I surely won't in 20 years!

Playing at the Waterpark

These are from mid-ish August at the Volkspark Waterpark. We had a pretty cool and wet summer and as you can see the morning we were there was pretty empty. It was nice for taking pictures!

Blaise was working very hard conducting the water here and there...