Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1.  We found a new apartment in Ingelheim.  We will be moving the end of May.  The new place gives us more room - 3 bedrooms instead of 2, as well as under floor heating, a nice balcony and a little yard area.  It will be an adjustment to living in the city, but Ingelheim offers a lot for children and Jan will have about a 7 minute bike commute.

2.  Showering is becoming increasingly more challenging.  Remember this?  Yeah, not so easy anymore.  I am going to have to maybe possibly try showering at night, but I really hate that!

3.  We have had some warm days, but all of a sudden it has turned cold again.  Not much fun for playgrounding.

4.  I have a date Wednesday night!  I am going to my first movie since possibily November 2008.  Jen and I are going to see The Blind Side while Jan and Martin take over nightly baby duties.

5.  I have been pretty tired lately, I am 10 weeks now so I am hoping I soon bounce back.

6.  I am having girl feelings about this one, I was right with Blaise, but I don't feel as sure as I did with him.

7.  Other pregnancy side effects:  I have been wanting all things meat/salty/sour lately, and I have had some nausea which I never did with Blaise.

8.  Easter was pretty quiet around here.  We went to Jonah's baptism in the evening, which was a nice way to celebrate the day.

9.  We went to the Zoo last week with Jen, Martin, Jonah and Jen's Mom.  It was a nice trip into Frankfurt and Blaise had a great time looking at the animals.  My highlight was when he roared at the lions!  I have it on video, but I keep getting an error message when trying to upload it to youtube...I'll keep trying, until then:

10.  We are getting ready for a visit from my Mom.  She arrives in May and will be here for the move, which works out well.  She is an efficient packer and a great babysitter!

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