Saturday, August 27, 2011

Readers are Leaders...

that's what my Dad always used to tell tells me. I enjoy reading and Blaise has also cultivated a love for his books. During our stay in the US I was eager to take advantage of the summer library programs at the Lake County Public Library (both Highland and Munster branches).  We found ourselves more often at Highland but that had to do with nostalgic as well as practical reasons, for one we often went after our Playgroup at Lincoln Center in Highland, only a hop, skip and jump away from the library. But, for two, I would be lying if I said it didn't mean much to me to take my son to the library that I frequented as a child. It has changed a lot in the last thirty years, but it still has the book smell. 

Here we are at the Tremendous 2's and 3's class (I think). We really enjoyed this librarian, she really knew what she was doing with these kids.

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