Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fishy Fishy

A few weeks ago we took advantage of Jan's last remaining paternity leave days and went on an excursion to an aquarium.  We visited Sea Life on a Friday afternoon with Jan's Mom (otherwise known as "Babi" - czech for "Grandma") and Jan's nephew, Adrian (who is already 4 1/2!).  Sea Life is in Speyer, which is about an hour from Mainz.  We took the train and although it was challenging at times with an almost-five-year-old, Blaise had a good time and therefore so did I.

This kid really loves him some fish!

Making his fish face

Mommy being tricky with the mirrors

Overexposed smile

Babi and Blaisey

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Jen said...

These are great pictures. what a fun outing. I can't get over how old Adrian looks. For some reason, his hair suddenly seems darker too. I love those tunnels where it feels like you're under the ocean!!