Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I have had some complaints (okay, only one maternal complaint) about the lack of Ten on Tuesday posts.

2.  Blaise is still napping twice a day, but I think those days are numbered.  His morning nap seems to be becoming 15-20 minutes.  He usually goes down about 90-120 minutes after waking.  Eventually we'll (he'll) just drop the morning nap, but for now he still seems to need his little cat nap.

3.  Our dishwasher "broke" last week.  We called a service company that really helped us out during the holidays a couple years ago when everyone else wasn't working anymore and they came this morning.  Turns out a plastic piece from one of the trays had come off and was stuck in the pump.  The best €85 I ever spent!  It was actually half price if you figure that we were not charged for the telephone consulting we received a while back.

4.  I put him down this morning with a stinky butt!  I was trying to get all the dirty dishes from dinner and breakfast washed before the service guy came this morning, so Blaise had to occupy himself.  When I saw he was getting crabby, I snatched him up and gave him his milk.  While he was drinking the milk in the quiet of his room, I smelled it, but it was too late.  If I would have changed him then the cat nap would have been history.  I felt kind of bad putting him down with a stinky diaper, but I figured that sleep was more important.  He was up 15 minutes later anyway.

5.  Jan started back to work yesterday after his two month paternity leave.  I will now continue to teach in the evenings a few times a week.  I have classes scheduled this week for Tues, Wed and Thurs for example.  It is a nice way to keep a nice balance while still being able to be home with Blaise this year.  I won't be making bank or anything, but it's earmarked for travelling.  :)

6.  We have been listening to a new CD every morning.  Yesterday was Bon Jovi "Slippery When Wet" and today is the Eagles "Greatest Hits"!  He already likes John Denver (obviously, whose kid is this anyway?) and Hoosier Baby also rocks out to John Mellencamp.  It is so fun to watch him dance - he seems to like a fast beat.

7.  I made myself a coffee today!

8.  We visited an aquarium about an hour away in Speyer last Friday.  I'll post some pictures soon.  Blaise enjoyed it, but we didn't get any screams out of him this time.

9.  Blaise is doing great at cruising along the couch and between couches and coffee table.  He also seems to be more steady on his feet.  Over the holidays, I predicted April 1 for taking his first steps, but that now seems a little fast.  I read anything between 9 and 18 months to start walking is normal, so I am not worried by any means.  It is fun to watch him develop and change at his own pace.  Speaking of which...

10.  Fourteen months and still no teeth!  I hope he sets a record! :)


IUgirl78 said...

Great ToT list! I never seem to have enough to write about anymore, but love reading other people's lists! I do remember when my kids dropped their morning naps, that afternoon nap stretched even longer. You might find that you enjoy that more as you can get out and do a bunch of stuff in the morning and just make sure you're home for the p.m. nap.

I also love that you're exposing Blaise to such great music! Makes me want to get out my Bon Jovi CD, too. :)

jenlnew said...

Yes, as soon as he drops that 1st nap, you'll be able to do so much more out and about. I'm kind of looking forward to Xander dropping his nap, just for the summer though, so we can do so much more in the afternoons!

Hey, our dishwasher is on the fritz too. Although, I refuse to call a service guy, they cost an arm and a leg here, and that's just to come out to see what is the matter. I like to figure it out on my own if I can. It just isn't getting the dishes clean, so not too big of a deal, yet!

Don't sweat the stinky butt, it happens to all of us! Doing a diaper change would have totally shot the cat nap! Sleep is so much more important! : )

I'm hoping for April 1, that will make Xander's birthday even more special! : ) No pressure though!

14 months and no teeth?! You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lucky you didn't have to nurse with teeth! : )

Michelle said...

I really am looking forward to when B drops his morning nap. It will definitely make planning things much easier. Until he is ready though, it makes my life easier if he sleeps, otherwise he is not-so-happy-camper. Today he slept 40 minutes - go figure.

I am very glad I didn't have to nurse with teeth, my friend Jen just went though that and she said it was not so pretty!

jenlnew said...

By all means, YES, don't discourage the nap! NAPS are wonderful! I'm so happy my almost 4 year old still takes one! Avery gave hers up at 3, of course right after Xander was born. I am so blessed to have a lazy boy! : ) That's why I said kinda looking forward to it. Once he's done napping, my 2 hours of peace and quiet will be over forever.