Saturday, October 24, 2009

Maui Ocean Center

After spending Tuesday at Wailea Beach we were ready (or I was anyway) for a day out of the sun.  Wailea Beach was beautiful and we were able to swim out (with our boogie boards) to a good scubing diving area.  We snorkeled there and saw fish, coral and Jan even saw a moray!  In order for Blaise to have a cool baby snorkeling experience we packed up and headed to the Maui Ocean Center.  It was pretty expensive at $26/pp, but it was really awesome and Blaise LOVED it!

He just couldn't believe his good fortune, everywhere he looked there were fish swimming by.  :)  He squealed and pointed and squealed and pointed.  It was awesome - he had a great time and I think we had an even better time watching him!

Flirty Blaise

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Tracy said...

Great pictures! And I LOVE the scream for the fishies. Future marine biologist, maybe?