Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ten on Tuesday - US Adventure 2009 Kauai Edition

1.  We arrived in Kauai on Sunday morning around noon.  The flight from Oahu was quite literally up and then down again.  We sat on the runway longer than we were in the air.  It was a beautiful view coming in.

2.  We rented a car from Pam and Bud at Gently Used Island Cars.  I spent a lot of time on the computer plugging in United Mileage Plus discount codes trying to find the best deal.  I finally got what I considered to be the cheapest possible rate for 8 days at $436, for an intermediate SUV at Budget, which we surely would have upgraded, to make it about $600.  Our total with Pam and Bud: $189!  Their rate is $30/day no matter which vehicle you rent and we ended up getting a 10% discount because the van we booked isn't available until Thursday.  In the mean time, a large car is doing the trick and they drove us to our condo with all our luggage.  If you are ever on Kauai, I highly recommend their company, not only is it a great deal, you are giving you business to locals and they are incredibly accomodating!

3.  We are staying at the Garden Island Condo in Kauai and it is very quiet and relaxing. 

4.  After arriving and allowing Blaise to take an afternoon nap we headed out to the Coconut Festival!  It was unfortunately closing down when we got there, but it was nice to walk around a local festival.  Jan got a coconut iced coffee :)

5.  There are chickens all over the island!  And I mean ev-ery-where!  The roosters are a mean wake-up call in the morning, although Blaise is pretty equal competitor.  Apparently after the hurricane in 1992 chickens got out and they were never able to herd them up again. 

6.  Monday we went and picked up fish for lunch and headed down to Lydgate Beach Park.  After lunch everyone hit the water and Blaise took a nap - he's getting good at sleeping at the beach!  The crew saw some great fish in the water, we're going to have to go back with Blaise before the week is over for him to see the fish.

7.  We did dinner at Scotty's which has a great tiered seating system so that all the tables have a stunning ocean view.  The bbq was pretty good, too.

8.  Tuesday morning we relaxed in the morning at home, which gave Blaise a chance for a good 2 hour nap.  Then we headed into Kapa'a for lunch with Carrie and Ian.  Today was their last day of their honeymoon before heading back late this evening.  It was great seeing them in Hawaii (even if we did crash their honeymoon!)

9.  After lunch we headed south to Poipu Beach, where we were able to get Blaise in the water.  He's been a little leary of the ocean, but he finally warmed up after awhile.  The ocean floor was pretty rocky, but we did see 2 large sea turtles!!

10.  Come back later for pictures, I gotta go to bed.  Make sure you saw all the pictures from my last post, too, I added some later.

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IUgirl78 said...

I cannot believe the deal you got on the car/van...nor can I believe the story about the chickens! Looks like I'll have to plan a trip to Hawaii to see for myself. Ha, ha!!