Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blaise Meets Pacific Ocean - Hawaii Leg 1: O'ahu

Blaise has seen both oceans bordering the US...okay on the east coast it was "only" the Chesapeake Bay, but that is part of the Atlantic, so we're counting it! :)

We arrived in Honolulu Thursday evening after another long (5 hour) flight.  Blaise did great once again, but this was the first time that we didn't have an extra seat for him, because the plane was packed!  We got him to take a nap on the plane which is always a trick, even under normal circumstances!  He is proving to be a great lil' traveler, though - not that we expected anything less! :) 

Once we got in, we put Blaise to bed and my Dad and Jan went out for drinks and dinner and brought us food back.  I was so tried, I think I fell asleep on the couch at like 8pm! (which was 11pm in California, so go easy on me). 

Friday morning after Blaise's morning nap we headed to the beach.  We met up with my parents and Jan went out to try his hand at boogie boarding while the rest of us had drinks at the Royal Hawaiian beach bar.  It was beautiful with a view of the water and surfer-watching.  Later we tried to get Blaise to sleep in his buggy, but that was proving impossible, so we started heading back to the condo, only to realize we'd given my Dad the keys!  But, we were finally able to get him to sleep in a park under a Banyan tree.  We headed back to town for dinner with my parents at the Moana Surfrider Beach Bar - the Mahi Mahi fish and chips were super yummy!  I don't think I would have ventured into the hotels as much on my own, but I like the fact that although they are luxurious they are still open to the public.  Of course, why turn down your business, right? 

View from our condo

Blaise and Grandpa at the Royal Hawaiian Beach Bar

Jan is out there somewhere - notice the surfers lined up in the back waiting for a wave!

Waikiki Beach

The beautiful Moana Surfrider Hotel

Saturday morning we decided to go for breakfast before Blaise's morning nap, so we headed downtown to the Shore Bird at the Outrigger Reef on the Beach for their oceanside buffet.  The food was good, the view was amazing.

Shore Bird Breakfast

After breakfast the plan was to head back for Blaise's nap, so Jan and I stopped at Starbuck's on the way.  We were all caught up in our conversation while walking and sipping coffee that we missed the first signs of Blaise's nonmobile feet.  He had fallen asleep in the buggy!!!  We headed back into town and met up with my parents for a little shopping.  Blaise woke up and made friends with the saleslady - he makes friends wherever he goes!

Blaise making friends

Then we hit Waikiki Beach.  We took Blaise in the water this time and although he really likes swimming, I think the vastness of the water along with the waves was too much for him.  We got his feet wet, but that was about all is was willing to do.  Jan swam a bit and Blaise played in the sand - something he very much likes doing.

Blaise ready for the surf


Surfboard parking lot

After cleaning up we were headed back for Blaise's afternoon nap, when he fell asleep in the buggy AGAIN!  We couldn't even believe our luck!  So, we window shopped along Kalakaua Ave, ya know, old favorites like Cartier, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany's.  :)  Once he woke up we headed to Duke's Barefoot Bar for dinner.  The food was superb and the view still amazing.  Blaise was checking out the pretty waitress - he certainly seems to have a preference for the cute ones.  After dinner they had live entertainment so we stuck around for awhile before heading back for bed.

Pushing around a sleeping baby

Sleeping baby has awoken


Entertainment with Diamond Head in the background

We ran into these guys at the Royal Hawaiian on our walk home

In the evening we packed ourselves up for our morning flight to Kauai, we'll be on Kauai for a week of relaxing and lushness.

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IUgirl78 said...

Oh, wow...when's the next flight out of Indy?? Those pictures are gorgeous! I'm so glad you're having a wonderful time so far!