Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ten on Tuesday - US Adventure Tour 2009, Maui Edition

1.  We got to Maui on Sunday and are staying in a condo at Maui Kamaole in southwest Maui.  It is really beautiful!

2.  We are now enjoying more relaxing weather since the tradewinds have apparently returned.  (thankfully!!)

3.  We checked out the area yesterday and had a nice mexican lunch while Blaise napped.  The sun (I think) gave me a pretty bad headache in the afternoon, so I slept and rested and had a lowkey evening.

4.  Today we spent the morning at the pool and Blaise enjoyed swimming.  Then we checked out a shopping area close by in Wailea.

5.  I am pretty tired and haven't gotten around to downloading pictures off the camera...I guess you've noticed...

6.  MichelleK arrives on Thursday to spend a week with us!  We are looking forward to her arrival and showing off Blaise (one of my favorite pastimes :) ).

7.  We stopped at Costco to stock up on supplies when we arrived on Sunday and I have never seen a store so packed!  This place seriously needed traffic lights!  I guess when the island is so expensive, everyone heads to Costco.

8.  We'll have been in the US three weeks on Thursday and I'm pretty sure Blaise has gained 2-3 pounds since we got here.  He looks like he's doubled in least his cheeks look that way.

9.  This morning while Blaise was sleeping, Jan and I watched about 20 minutes of 90210.  I can't believe that show was the coolest show back in the early 90's.  (It was the first season though, it did get better and I'd watch it if I had it on DVD :) ).  What was up with their hair?

10.  We have been going to bed at around 9pm (at the latest!), does that make us old?

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IUgirl78 said...

I'm glad you're having a great time and cannot wait to see more pictures! I love that you were watching old episodes of 90210. Had Jan ever seen it before? I remember thinking they were the coolest teens ever. :)

That's awesome that Michelle K is coming to spend time with you guys on the big vacay. Tell her "hello" from me!