Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Shout-Out to My Mom and Dad

There are many things I could give them a "shout-out" for (does that make sense?), but what I have on my mind this morning is this:

I am so proud of them for being so active and so pro-active in their retired life. My Mom deserves much praise for being so committed to becoming healthy(ier) - I have never seen her honestly working so hard to be healthy and be able to enjoy her retirement...she is doing it for herself! A must! While she was visiting us recently she was very mindful of eating healthy foods and getting out and walking. Walking is a way of life here, it is how I get around the city and it is something I always miss when I am home visiting. She has just undergone surgery on her foot to hopefully keep her able to be as mobile as possible.

They are both pro-active in getting the health care they need to assure that any medical issue can be dealt with immediately.

I am also very proud to say that they are using their retirement to travel. They have some serious responsibilities right now taking care of my Grandmother, but I have encouraged them to continue to travel. (not that I am trying to take all the credit, they are the ones who are actually doing it!) Of course, this works to my advantage too, because then they come to visit! They decided last minute to head out west. They're camping. In Rocky Mountain. For me, this is normal, but if I take a step back and look around me I see that it is special. Thank you both for not only making it normal, but for living and enjoying your retirement. I expect nothing less.

See you in Hawaii :) See you at the Christmas Market :) See you in Alaska? ;)

(jan and i are still working on the alaska thing)

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