Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What We Call You

We have accumulated a few nicknames for Blaise in his short little life, in no particular order:

Poopy Man
(in our defence, the "poop" nicknames were born in the hospital, after we were so excited that he could, in fact, POOP!)
Hyde Baby
Little Man
Blaisey Man
Tired Baby
Crazy Baby
Funny Baby
Sweet Baby

I think there must be more, so I'll let you know if I think of any others :)


Jen said...

That's so sweet! It's funny how we give them one name and then pile on about fifty nicknames. "Little punkin head" is always something I find myself calling my kids.

jenlnew said...

So cute! Love all of them! One that we used to call Avery when she was a baby, Boogey, cause she was a little booger (still is actually). Alan calls her shorty or shortcake now. Xander has always been Bud or Buddy. X man is another. Also for Avery we have destructor and frog killer, seriously I can't tell you how many frogs she kills on a daily basis. We even thought about having a t-shirt made WANTED - Frog Killer and have her pic on it. LOL! Xander is also known as Crabby Pants, Sir Whine A Lot (which could also be Sir Crab A Lot), and Crabby McWhiney. And lets not forget the best nickname of all.......BUTTERBALL! HAHAHAHAHA! LOL! You know I love you! ; )

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing your nicknames!

Jennifer, uh, about the frogs...what??!?!