Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pass the Peas

Blaise got peas for the first time today. He liked them! (no surprise there) I am really thankful that he is proving to be a good eater so far. I bought the peas yesterday at the Farmer's Market and Jan steamed them last night. We also ate them for dinner yesterday, so it turns out I didn't buy enough for the whole week. 2.2lbs sounded like a lot, but I guess not when you still have to de-pod them. I bought a bag of frozen ones from the Organic Grocery to tide us over until Friday.

Blaise got a great high chair from Tante Andrea, which can later be used for a desk chair. He started sitting in it on Monday and yesterday when I brought in his espresso cup :) of avocado, he got MEGA excited! So, I tried to capture the excitement on video today. There is obvious excitement, but really not compared to yesterday's shock and subsequent panting. I also didn't take into consideration that my hand was going to be in the way of you seeing his mouth. This is a shame, because when I ask if he wants more, he opens his mouth (wide). Next time it will be better.

So, without further ado, Blaise and his Peas:

Pea information:

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