Sunday, August 9, 2009

Reconnecting in Palmengarten

A few months ago I found a former colleague of mine on a german social network website. Under occupation she had written "currently Mommy" - I thought wow that's great! I sent an email congratulating her only to find out that her son was also born in January, only 3 weeks after Blaise! Parthena and I worked together at KPMG in Frankfurt and we shared an office for 2 years. She was great to work with and lovely to share an office with! She was one of the colleagues I regretted leaving (although I have never regretted leaving the company).

We have had email contact since then, exchanging mommy-isms, comparing notes and asking advice. We got our little families together on Sunday and had a relaxing afternoon in the park. We met up at Palmengarten in Frankfurt, since we unfortunately live on opposite sides of the city. It was so great to see her again and meet her sweet little Alexander. Thanks for a great day you three!

There were so many cute pictures, it was hard to choose, here are the winners. We didn't think to get one of the photographer, time.

Blaise and Alexander checking each other out for the first time

Buddies already!

Sweet Alexander

The new family: Frank, Parthena and Alexander

Blaise enjoying Alexander's toy

Getting some good tummy time in on the blanket in the park

'Hey, man, do they make you go to bed early, too?'

Blaise eyeing Alexander's toy

My bully baby *taking* Alexander's toy!

Awww, holding hands

Fast friends smiling for the camera

'Sorry, my Daddy is always putting that black box in my face'

'Don't worry, my two do that to me all the time, too!'

Playing footsie

Mommy's walking through the park (with *sleeping* babies!)

Alexander eating his carrot lunch

I love this face

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