Thursday, August 6, 2009

Baby's Breath

No, not this kind:

This kind:

I am *addicted* to Blaise's sweet baby breath! I never knew how intoxicating breath could be! I also don't remember ever reading about this, or hearing a Mommy Friend mention it. I sometimes wonder where our days go, but after thinking about it, I spend a good portion with my nose in Blaise's mouth! Maybe it's the breastmilk? Any input? If so, I'll be so sad when the sweet odors go away. Baby breath, mmmmmmmmmm...


jenlnew said...

I think its one of those things that you seem to forget over time. I do remember their sweet breath. Can't remember when it went away tho. I think it is sweet because their mouth is fresh and new and there's no teeth for food to get attached to and stinky plaque to grow on. Once he starts growing the teeth and eating more solids, in time it will go away. So enjoy it for now!

Michelle said...

ya, that is probably true. Everything is still new and fresh. And we are still waiting on teeth :)