Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Family Cookout in Wackernheim

Jan's family gathers a few times a year and this past weekend we were invited to his cousin, Renata's. They have a nice backyard with a grill and we have spent some relaxing evenings out there with a "camp" fire and wine. The occasion this weekend was their cousin, Jitka, was visiting from Prague. Of all the first cousins in Jan's generation (7 women and Jan!) she is the only one still living in Prague, along with her mother and son. We don't get to see her that often unfortunately, so it is always nice to get the family together when she is in town.

Curious Blaise arriving at Renata's
Renata was sweet and put some toys out on a blanket for the kids. Blaise attacked the books.

Enjoying his sweet potato dinner

Blaise hasn't been too interested in animals until recently. Jan pet the bunny, which Blaise thought was really funny. He also got the chance to pet "Alf" the bunny, which he really liked. On the way home in the bus, he laughed at a dog for the first time. Today he laughed at fish in an aquarium - I think he's figured out the magic of animals!

Checking out the bunny


Andrea's boyfriend, Andreas, with Adrian

Is is wrong that I am jealous of a 4 year old's eyelashes? :)

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Jen said...

What awesome pictures!! Looks like a great family gathering.