Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Art and Wine

An american friend of mine lives at a winery. Sarah married a German winemaker and he runs Schloss Janson - a winery that has been in his family for over 175 years!

They are currently working together with a local artist to have their animals painted and they will be matched to a wine based on their personality and become the label! This is the first one that has been done - their horse "Spezi".

This past weekend they had a wine and art event at the winery. The artist had her paintings on exhibit and Kurt had his wine available for tasting. A combination that is right up our alley! We drove out there early Sunday afternoon, and had a great time sipping some wines and trying to decide which painting to buy for Blaise. It was not easy! She had some super cute ones! We finally decided to buy an animal representing our trip this fall. So we purchased Herbert the Hai:

Isn't he great? It was a really tough decision though - the toucan was super cute, not to mention the moose(!!). We'll have to get the moose after a trip out west one year. I love the idea of not only supporting local artists, but also having something unique.

Here are more examples of her artwork: http://www.frauhasenmaus.de/ausstellung.htm

The winery's english website: http://www.schloss-janson.de/64.html?&L=1

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jenlnew said...

Super cute! Where can I get one? LOL!