Thursday, August 20, 2009

10 Things I Love About Jan

1) His attention to detail - and that it is so important to him.

2) His ability to "do stuff" around the house. Like, put together closets, or install kitchens, or make the wireless internet work!, or hook up appliances. I'd like to think I could figure this stuff out if I had to, but, ya, not so much...

3) How he loves to entertain. He was a born host. He enjoys making others happy.

4) How supportive he is of me in every way.

5) His love of traveling! We have been to some great places together and I am looking forward to adding to the list!

6) His willingness (and eagerness) to try new things, and to introduce them to me. Example: until recently neither one of us ate olives. Since Jan has now found "good" ones we are addicted!

7) Not only is he understanding that when we fly to the US, it is not only vacation for me, but also time to visit with family and friends, but he wants to spend time with them too!

8) His ability to cook.

9) His ability to cook. (oh, did I mention that already? oh well, it deserves two numbers!)

and last but certainly not least,

10) How much he loves his family.

Happy Birthday, Jan! Blaise and I love you.


IUgirl78 said...

What a sweet post!! I definitely think his cooking skills deserve a couple of spots. I'm always impressed with things he can whip together! Happy birthday, Jan!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Jan!!! All those things are so true. We love traveling with you too and are crazy about your cooking!

jenlnew said...

Happy Birthday Jan! Hope it was a good one! We love your cooking too and we love you too! So glad you are part of our family, even if we don't get to see you too often! Will miss seeing you this fall!