Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Adventures in Eating

Last week Blaise ate avocado once every day after nursing. He really enjoyed it, as you can see :) Since he of course wasn't eating a whole avocado every time, I cut it into slices and froze them individually. Then, every morning, I'd take one out to defrost. By the time I was ready for it later it was thawed and room temperature. I smashed it with a fork and sometimes added a little breastmilk (if I had some) to thin it.

We started with sweet potato on Wednesday. I was going to go with pumpkin, but they didn't have one at the organic stand at the farmer's market on Saturday. Sweet potato it was. Again, Blaise really seems to enjoy it (as is apparent from the picture below). I tried my same routine with the sweet potato as with the avocado with the difference that I baked it in the oven first. I didn't like how he was chewing it strangely though and went back and pureed the whole thing. I then froze individual "blops" of sweet potato. The first time he got some, he seemed to look at me like, "what's this, what happened to the avocado?" I had showed him the new color, but not until he got the taste did he realize something different was coming his way. It sure makes for funny colored poop! :)

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APMom said...

I love avacado too, Blaise! Michelle, he is too cute!!