Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 7, 2009: 6 month milestone

So I posted a while back that Blaise had rolled over, well that must have been an accident :) He didn't really do it much after that - only with a bit of help. He has changed so much recently that we knew the independent roll was coming for real this time. We have also been working with him to help him strengthen his muscles. He is now spending more time happily on his belly and scoots somewhat. I think he is getting frustated that he cannot really move forward, which makes me think that is also not far off.

We also think he is working on some teeth, but haven't seen any real proof of that yet.

He has great head control and is close to sitting up independently.

We have reached another monumentous goal - Blaise has been exclusively breastfed for 6 months! I had contemplated trying to go a year at 100%, but it is now clear that isn't going to be possible. Blaise is highly interested in what we are eating and it will be fun to watch him develop his own personal tastes. Not sure yet when we'll start other foods, but it can't be too long now. I will continue nursing as long as possible (within reason), but I hope to make it at least to 12 months. It wasn't always easy, but I am so glad that we made it!

He likes to "talk" now and has a lot to say. We are working on vowel/constant sounds right now: ma, da, ba and ga. He does a lot of "gee" or "ah-gee" and says "hi" - he is good at the "h" sound.

He also responds to his name (as long as he isn't busy doing something else).

He is reaching for things and showing preference to toys and getting upset when he can't play with them - the most interesting toy is the laptop and the telephone. :)

We are astounded every day at how smart he is and much he is changing. It has been an amazing 6 months!


Jen said...

SIX months already!!!! That has flown by. Congratulations on breastfeeding the whole time. What a great start for Blaise, and good for Mommy too. I can't wait to meet him in just a few more months.

IUgirl78 said...

Yay!!! I love the update--he's changing so much! I agree with Jen--way to go on your exclusive nursing. Does that mean you haven't given him rice cereal or other foods to try? He seems to be doing very well!

Michelle said...

that's right - no cereal as of yet. only mommy milk :)

Michelle said...

I love your blog - it does make me miss you very much though! Its nice to be in the loop on how he is growing and to see pictures of him (and you and Jan!) I seriously cannot wait to meet Blaise - he is adorable. Love and miss you dearly!

APMom said...

Wow! 6 months already! I love hearing about all of his milestones. Can't wait to meet Blaise and see you this fall. Take care and continue to enjoy every minute.