Monday, July 20, 2009

Blaise's New Wheels

We really lucked out that Andrea, Jan's sister, had her baby first. She was very generous with us and gave us all the gear she still had from when Adrian was a baby. (on a side note, he turned FOUR yesterday!) The biggest item we received from her was the stroller (not shown here). If you buy a new top of the line stroller it will set you back up to €900 ($1260!!)!! So, even if you don't choose to go top of line and push you baby around in the ferarri of all strollers, you are still looking at a few hundred. Thanks again, Andrea!!

Blaise has been practicing sitting a lot and he can hold himself really well when supported. We decided that it was time to get him upright in the stroller. Although the other buggy we had was able to accomodate this, Andrea gave us this stroller to transition into. This is the buggy she bought while we were all in Florida together after the wedding. It looks like it is going to make another trans-atlantic trip this fall, since we have pretty much decided just to take this one with us instead of buying a new one in the US.

We tried it out and Blaise seems to like it! It can recline back for him to sleep too, although we haven't tried that yet. He loves riding through the city and being able to look at everything and everyone. It is really fun to see how excited he gets and how curious about everything he is. Plus now the strangers who are walking towards us are always smiling because he is so cute and laughs with everyone.

we run our music through the dvd player and the speakers on the TV, hence the blue screen.

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jenlnew said...

LOVE the Graco! Ours is still trucking along after 6 years. Happy traveling!