Sunday, January 31, 2010

Crayola Heirloom

I remember loving crayons when I was a kid - and I had plenty of them!  I got new crisp crayons often from both of my grandmothers.  When I came to Germany eight years ago, I must have packed these crayons.  One never knows when crayons will be called upon!  I think my Mom actually is the one that handed them down to me, but they came from her mother, Grandma Marie.  I love how she wrote on the box, "Love, Grandma Marie".  Now my baby can play and create with crayons from his Great-Grandmother Marie.  Today was the first day we brought them out and he was very interested in taking them out of the box and once that was taken care of, he had fun pounding them on the paper.  He did "color" a little bit, but mostly Mommy just scribbled as an example.  I am looking forward to our next crayon adventure already!


Tracy said...

Wow, how did your crayons survive that long? I was curious and googled Crayola packaging... those indeed look like mid-70's Crayola. Mine always seemed to be broken within a few days, though! ;-)

jenlnew said...

So sweet! That's a really old Crayola box! Well, not THAT old. : )
Did your mom stockpile them, hide them away and forget about them (I do this when we get a duplicate gift), hence the newness of them? Between your Grandma Marie and Grandma's box of 64 with the pencil sharpener every Christmas, you probably had enough to sell your own at a crayon stand! : ) Great pics of Blaise's first Crayola encounter! Any chance Hawaii pics are coming soon? : )