Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Our good friends, Jen and Jeremy, welcomed their fourth child into the world on Sunday.  A boy (their third), Brooks Andrus.  He is a sweety and the spitting image of his brothers and sister.  Congratulations!!!

2.  I am really enjoying being "back to work."  In order to clarify I am just working as a freelance instructor during Jan's two months of paternity leave.  I am teaching as many hours as they can offer me, which aren't too many right now, but it seems to be picking up a little.  After Jan resumes work full time on March 7th, I'll be home full time during the day again, but still teaching some evening and maybe even weekend classes here and there.  Yesterday was kind of tough though, I was gone a lot and Blaise seemed to notice.  Maybe it is better that we've been forced by the slow month to ease into Mommy working.

3.  Blaise is pulling himself up all over the place and crusing between the couch and coffee table.  I'm still guessing we have about 8 weeks before we have ourselves a walker, but he sure is getting some good training!

4.  I have been snacking on popcorn a lot lately.  It is very yummy and light.  I just pop it in olive oil to give it a creamy taste and then add some salt.  No butter needed!

5.  I have seen more snow this winter in (my area of) Germany, than I have total over the other 8 years I've lived here.  We had another "snowstorm" on Sunday night.  We only had one, maybe two, inches in the city, but still more than usual.  Outside the city they had up to a foot which made for traffic chaos Monday morning.  I was supposed to teach a class at 8:15 on-site at a company, but my student didn't show up until 8:40 because of the "storm" - easy morning for me!  especially, because I was able to walk there!

6.  We have pretty much given up two naps a day :(  He does seem to be taking a longer afternoon nap which helps, but I can definitely tell a difference.  Having said that, B is taking a "morning" nap now, he fell asleep at about 10:30, I just hope he'll sleep a bit later this afternoon, otherwise it will be a LONG afternoon!

7.  Blaise ate like a monster yesterday!!  He has always had a good appetite, but even I was surprised.  He ate his whole (big) bowl of cereal, a whole (big) banana, bread, pumpkin and tofu pieces - all before his 12:30 nap! - 2 more pumpkin helpings later and a little bit of spinach and potato for dinner, but by then he was pretty tired and cranky (and full, I'd think!)!  And water and milk of course!

8.  I started doing our tax return last week, but I stopped when I realized I am pretty sure we are going to owe money.  We always get a refund, but this year all the money I received during maternity leave is tax-free; however, it is added to our total income to calculate our tax rate.  Jan's withholding obviously didn't /couldn't? take this into account.

9.  Still no teeth!

10.  We still seem to all be battling with staying thing to look forward to with warmer weather!

11.  Did I tell you that Blaise whistles?  He also now roars like a lion in addition to his one-armed beating the breast gorilla imitation.

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jenlnew said...

Ooooo, he'll be walking in no time! Are you ready?! That's awesome that Jan can take his paternity leave whenever he wants, not like here when its only in the beginning. Glad you are enjoying getting back to work! Hmmmm, I seem to remember you having a popcorn fetish during pregnancy, coincidence? : ) Once Blaise gets used to the once a day nap he should start to even out with his sleeping issues, should being the operative word. : ) Sounds like he's having a growth spurt with the monstrous eating, he should sleep well during that.