Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year! Frohes Neujahr!

This was the celebration in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate.  Ours was a bit less rambunctious.  We had a nice fondue dinner at home, then waited for midnight and toasted with wine as we watched and listened to the fireworks being shot off from all directions, all the time praying Blaise wouldn't wake up, which thankfully he didn't.  There was plenty of action out there, but it seemed to be less than previous years and we found out later that the city had forbid fireworks in the old historical part of town where we live.  That must have at least helped keep the noise level down for my sleeping babe.  It was a great way to ring in 2010, with my parents and cousin Lisa.  I hope 2010 brings much peace and health to us all!

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