Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Our euchre score is US: 16  Grandma and Grandpa: 4.  I obviously wouldn't be blogging about this if it were the other way around, but as it is...

2.  My wonderful friend Quinn from IU and her husband Ben welcomed twin boys on December 25th, Liam Victor and Sam Gordon.  They were born at only 29 weeks at 3lbs 14oz and 3lbs 7oz respectively, but are the tough little guys and are really doing great at meeting milestones.  She has recently set up a Caring Bridge website with updates of their progress, let me know by leaving a comment or sending an email if you'd like the link and I'll gladly pass it on.  Those of you who are friends with her on FB can also find updates and pictures of the sweet babies there.  I know she can use all the support she can get, for even though her boys are tough cookies, it will still be a long road.

3.  Blaise whistles.  He's been doing this for a few months.  At first I didn't think he was doing it on purpose, but now at least after he's gotten out one out he immiates the action again.  He's a whistler!

4.  Over the holidays I decided to read Twilight, and wouldn't you know, I was so fast, I got New Moon in as well.  I did really enjoy the books, I have always enjoyed a good vampire story, but I honestly don't understand the hype.  She must have been in the right place at the right time with the right story.  It surely is a fun read, don't get me wrong, but I don't feel as sucked in as I was for example with Harry Potter.  (HP is my benchmark for all books from now on ;) ).  And, having said all this, I must also admit that I read New Moon in 2.5 days, so maybe I was more sucked in than I thought?  (Please don't excuse my cheesy vampire pun).

5.  Can it be possible that we will be celebrating Blaise's birthday this week?

6.  As his birthday approaches, I can't help but replay it all in my head and also remember the looming surgery and stint in the NICU.  Seriously, was it really a year ago already?  My memories are so clear so in somes ways it seems like just yesterday, but in other ways a lifetime ago (which I guess it was, Blaise's lifetime, anyway).  These events shaped who I am today.  We are planning a trip to the Uniklinik Children's Hospital on Sunday to bring treats to all the teams who took care of Blaise (at least those currently there and representing his medical staff), as well as his surgeon.  I think I am looking forward to honoring them more than to his party on Saturday.

7.  Lisa left for home on Saturday.  It was so nice spending this relaxed time with her - thanks for spending the holidays with us!!  and a huge thank you to Jen and Martin for allowing her to stay in their apartment while they were spending the holidays in Indiana with her family!!  Can't wait to see you guys and how much Jonah has changed!

8.  We've mostly been taking it easy these days "between the years."  My Dad has taken some walks, my Mom as well, she also gets a daily dose of Spider Solitare, Jan has been doing his fair share (or more than fair) of cooking, and I've been reading and trying to keep up with my blog.  All the while playing with Blaise and taking him out for short walks in the frigid January weather.

9.  While my parents are here I really wanted to go see a movie one evening, but NOTHING good is playing.  Very disappointing.  I even considered seeing a less-than-interesting-looking movie.  Maybe some good ones will come out this weekend, but I am not counting on it.

10.  My Mom did 12 days of Christmas with me as a child to spread out the onslaught of gifts.  Blaise is now also enjoying the 12 days with Grandma Rose.  It is all very sweet.  He loves his Grandma Rose and Grandpa Lynn.


IUgirl78 said...

Oh, Michelle--I can't believe you didn't just fall in love with Edward after reading "Twilight!" In fact, I was so bummed that he wasn't in "New Moon" as much as the first book. Stick with it--the 4th book is my favorite one. I didn't enjoy the HP books and stopped reading them and watching the movies. They were way too dark for me.

I cannot believe Blaise will be one this week! I love your idea of honoring the team who took care of him in the hospital. That is so thoughtful!

Jen said...

That's hilarious. I will admit that I loved the Twilight series. However, the movies have been a let-down and while the books didn't seem so young, the movies definitely do. It left me with a, "that's it?" sort of feeling. Like I couldn't quite remember why I loved the books so much. Her writing is amazing and I agree with Kristy....stick with it, you might really enjoy the last book. Plus, you're flying through them anyhow!

What are you guys doing for Blaise's big day?? Looking forward to seeing pics. Will he get to smash his cake? It's great your parents will be there to share in the birthday festivities.

jenlnew said...

LOVE that you love Twilight! I was skeptical at 1st and could never imagine why a teeny bopper vampire book was such a hot ticket, but all my friends were reading them and I had to find out what all the hype was about. As soon as I started reading it, I was literally sucked in, seriously, no pun intended! The poor fam was ignored for most of the 2 weeks I was reading them. The movies are horrible (I TOTALLY agree with Jen, on the "that's it" feeling!), but I feel that way about all movies after I've read the book (except Da Vinci Code). I have to say I'm Team Jacob. Werewolves are warm and soft and vampires are cold and hard as a rock! Plus, if you ever see the movies, I really think Edward and the others are just plain creepy, but Jacob is HOT! LOL!

I never read HP, so I have nothing to compare them to. Maybe soon, but right now I am finishing up The Lost Symbol and have Molokai and a stack of newspapers waiting for me.

Give Blaise a big birthday hug and kiss from us! Can't wait to see pics! The kids were disappointed when they asked if they were invited to the party and I said that I'm sure we would be, but its kinda far to go for a birthday party. Avery thinks its so cool that you have to sleep on the plane to go visit you, little does she know.......

Michelle said...

I actually really didn't LOVE "Twilight," like I thought I would. It was an enjoyable read, but I felt it was missing layers - it all seemed so straightforward. I do admit, Kristy, that Edward interested most. We watched the first movie last night and Jan called it "kindergarten vampires" and honestly I couldn't argue. Girl loves vampire, vampire loves girl, vampire saves girl. Maybe I expected too much after all the hype. I'll surely finish the series and enjoy it, but it won't be a re-read for me. I AM however looking forward to reading some Anne Rice vampire stories!