Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ladies Night Out

Saturday night was Ladies Night!  I went out with my friend Kathy to see a friend of ours from work perform.  Barbara is a jazz singer and she was accompanied by two guys on the electric guitar and bass - and she played keyboard.  They were playing at the Hyatt bar and it was a wonderfully relaxing evening with great music!  I even met Blaise's (upcoming) music teacher, Christiane!  He is going to be starting "Baby Musikgarten" this coming Tuesday.  Jan will go with him this month while I'm teaching and I'll pick up in March.  I am so excited for him to learn things about music that I cannot teach him.  He is so interested already and we hope to encourage his enthusiasm with knowledge and fun!

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Tracy said...

I bet Blaise will love it. Lily *loved* her Kindermusik classes at that age, and I think it really made her notice music and rhythm more than she otherwise would have.