Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Birthday Celebration

What a lucky Mommy I am to have Blaise in my life.  His first birthday was such a milestone and I felt as if I numbly watched with disbelief from the sidelines.  I still frequently ask Jan, 'how did he get here?', unable to fully comprehend that Blaise is here in our lives - it's too good to be true.  I took a lot of pictures, so that when I came out of my stuper I would have some way to really remember what took place.  On the day of his birthday, Jan made him some breakfast muffins and Grandma, Grandpa, Jan and I sang "Happy Birthday."  He was so cute, but wanted to play with the lit candle...have to remember to teach him the concept of hot.  We played and tried to take some one year old pictures (they left something to be desired) and then went to Jan's mom's for dinner in the evening.  Jan's sister, Andrea, was also there too with Adrian, so it was a nice birthday dinner for Blaise.

On Saturday we had a party for him with all the traditional trimmings.  Grandma Rose made a beautiful clown fish cake for Blaisey since he loves him some fish (both the swimming and the on-my-plate kind), we had chili and opened presents.  It was a success.

Birthday morning muffin

Opening birthday presents at Babi's with Adrian

Helping Grandpa decorate for the big party

Testing out his wagon birthday gift from Mommy and Daddy

Loving his musical card from Grandma Scofield

Blaisey getting down to Ol' Macdonald

Puzzling with Jan's cousin, Jana

Cuddling with Tante Andrea

Martin and Grandpa sporting Hoosier colors

Jan's uncle Georg and cousin Caroline

He was pretty taken aback by everyone singing to him, as seen here:

Showing off presents to Babi


Jen said...

Great pics! I love how he just stared at you guys in wonder as you sang the birthday song. It looked like a fun party for all and I love the cart you gave him. He'll be crashing it into the walls soon enough!

jenlnew said...

So cute! Love how he is just staring at everyone in amazement, like "hey, what's going on here?". Love the cake Aunt Rose made! Glad you had a "onederful" celebration! Wish we could have been there. :(