Monday, January 4, 2010

The New Year 50

I frequently read the Valley Girl Has Baby, Goes Crunchy blog.  She has some good tips about being green, I enjoy her pictures and her kids are a cute bonus.  She is doing the New Year 50, something she found last year in Real Simple magazine.  I thought it sounded like a great idea - find 50 things to get rid of - try and donate or upcycle and toss only if necessary.  We did get rid of some things before my parents got here, but going through our closet would surely yield more stuff.   Man, I really do hate stuff and we don't have that much storage space (which is probably a blessing in disguise). 

Here is my list of things:

1.  Hairbrush I never use - toss
2.  Electric toothbrush heads that I don't use - gave to my mom
3.  Electric toothbrush that is old and I don't use - toss
4-10. Bath oils that I never have time to use - donated
11.  Old clinique facial soap that I never use - toss
12/13.  Strange twirrly decorations that I just push around the house - donated
14.  Vase - donated
15.  Frame - donated
16.  Can opener - donated
17/18.  masher - donated
19.  apple slicer - donated
20-23. hot pads - donated
24. pot - donated
25.  nail file - toss
26.  turner - donated
27.  Christmas deco - donated
28.  Christmas scented oil - donated
29-31. peelers - donated
32/33. garlic peelers - donated
34. cookie cutter - donated
35-41. coffee cups - donated
42.  espresso set - donated
43/44. trays - donated
45.  ice tray - donated
46. bread maker - sell on ebay
47. ice bucket - donate
48/49.  old squash paddles - donate
50. card game - donate
51. bug light - donate
52-56. hot pads - donate
57/58. aprons - donate
59-72. clothing - donate
73. sports bag - donate
74. vase - donate
75. camp stove - gave to my Dad
76-89. clothing - donate

We tried to get 100 (for 50 each), but this was pretty good, and I'll keep my eyes open for things to purge!

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Jen said...

It's so nice to clean out the house! And why store something you're not using when someone out there might really need it. Jer and I did the same thing while cooped up inside during the snow. I think it also helps you to use the stuff you need b/c it all looks more organized and accessible! Hooray for purging!