Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Blaise said "duck" yesterday.  I was getting him ready for bed and trying to keep him "still" for more than 20 seconds by distracting him with his duck book.  I said "duck" and he repeated it.  Poor Jan thought something was really wrong when I yelled hysterically for him to come into the bedroom.  He theatrically repeated it for us over and over again. :)  This probably isn't the first word that Blaise has said, just the first one we have really recognized as one.  (although he's made some "th" sounds referred to teeth as well).  My baby said "duck".

2.  Blaise had a pretty yucky fever when we put him down to bed.  We gave him some tylenol and I hope hope hope it will be gone in the morning.

3.  Sleep has been hit or miss recently.  We have crazy nights mixed in with not-a-peep nights.  Who knows?  Blaise does seem to have decided on one nap a day though :(  He dropped his morning nap right before his first birthday, but I was hoping we could get him to pick it back up.  No luck so far.  His one nap a day is usually at least 1:20, but I swear I can see the difference that only sleeping once is doing to him.  He is definitely more overtired.  Per the recommendation of Nick we have been putting him to bed 30 minutes earlier at night to help him adjust to only sleeping once during the day.  Not sure if that is helping yet, because he came down with said fever that threw everything off.  :( :(

4.  Update about said fever:  Blaise had a pretty high fever we noticed Monday evening - about 102.6, so we gave him some tylenol and put him to bed.  We had a horrible night and the little guy was hot hot hot!  Around 1:30 his fever had spiked to 103.5, so we gave him more tylenol.  He finally slept some then until morning, but the fever was still strong at over 102, so we went to the doctor.  The doctor said he didn't see anything abnormal, and that he had a virus so let him fever through the day and give him tylenol at night to help him sleep.  Tonight he went to bed also at 102.6 (but woke up at 100.6, and in a MUCH better mood, so we are on our way to recovery!).

5.  I am going to be working as much as possible for the time that Jan is home with Blaise - until March 7th.  Things began rather slowly, since there hasn't been much work, but I finally started back on Monday.  I will be freelance teaching this year; after Jan goes back then I'll continue with evening classes and even some Saturdays perhaps.  It really felt good to be back at work - even though I only had a 45 minute class.  It was the best start I could have had - teaching two young brothers (7 and 5).  I told them a few times how cute they were - hopefully they didn't get the wrong idea and report me!  (Thanks to my Mom for making sure I had a wardrobe - I got the pants hemmed last week!)

6.  My parents left last week after having been here for 4 weeks.  We had a nice visit with them, celebrating the holidays and Blaise's birthday.  They were sad to leave, but I also think happy to return home.  Thanks for putting up with us for so long!

7.  I have been working out more and have given up sugar for three weeks.  I am almost back to where the point it says on the ticker - it was a long holiday season.  A few more days. 

8.  I finished the last book in the Twilight series.  It was a fun read.  There was a point in the third book where I thought it was going in a different direction and I was seriously going to be pissed, luckily I was wrong.  Back to my Happiest Toddler on the Block reading material.

9.  Has anyone seen Food, Inc.?  I'd like to check it out, I am just sure it is going to freak me out!

10.  I think I had something else to share with you, but now I can't seem to locate it in my head.  Humpf, sorry, next time!


jenlnew said...

Yay for duck! Go Blaise! He'll be talking up a storm in no time! :( Poor Blaise! Sick babies are the worst, all you want to do is help them and can't. Has your doc okayed Motrin? Motrin lasts longer through the night, I believe 6 hours whereas Tylenol only lasts 4. If you're still nursing at night you'd be up to give him the Tylenol anyway but I wonder if he would rest better with the Motrin. A and X certainly do. And you can interchange them, give both meds within a few hours of each other since one is acetaminophen and one is ibuprofen it doesn't harm him to give both. Alternate every 3 hours. Hope he is feeling better soon! I thought you were taking another year off? Kudos to you for going back! Is Jan staying home with him now or how is that working out? And a big Kudos for keeping up the exercise regiment!It's o.k., the holidays are a valid excuse! Keep up the good work! So, which of the 4 Twilight books did you like the best? Mine was Twilight itself.

Jen said...

Congratulations on Blaise's big first word!!! Duck's a great one. I love when Elliot says "quack, quack". I hope he's on the up and up and back to himself soon.

I can't believe you already finished the series, with everything going on.
I'm reading two books at once right now and have two others I should be reading for book clubs. I'm hoping once nursing I'll be able to pick up the pace!

Tracy said...

Poor Blaise, I hope he's feeling better! What a smart boy he is, to be learning new words even when he's not feeling his best.

I've finally picked up Breaking Dawn again, after taking a long break from it... I think I really just don't want to be done with the whole thing. ;-)

Matt and Tara said...

Eleanor's first word was duck! How awesome Blaise!!! Keep it up!