Thursday, February 4, 2010

Daddy: The Sleep Whisperer

While on our mega trip last fall in the US, Blaise napped in our bed.  When we got home he of course didn't want to go back to napping in his crib.  I kept putting off the transition for many good (and some not-so-good) reasons:  holidays, illness, various other changes, etc.  I mentioned that he started only taking one nap a day?  Jan has him back to two naps a day IN HIS CRIB!!  He was even sleeping for really long stretches (2+ hours) in the morning for a few days in a row, but this could have been due to his recent bronchitis diagnosis :(  All in all sleep poses a constant challenge for us, but with Daddy, "The Sleep Whisperer," all can be conquered!


IUgirl78 said...

Um, do you rent out the sleep whisperer?? I might need some help here soon. :) Way to go, Jan!

Michelle said...

The sleep whisperer is rentable for the low price of just a plane ticket ;)

jenlnew said...

Glad B is sleeping better now! Sometimes it just takes a change to make a change. Often times I would have Alan handle the kids after I put them to bed because they would find any excuse to get mom to come back. What fun is it if mom's not there to "play" your favorite game with you? :)