Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We have been trying to teach Blaise some signs.  Really, we started a long time ago, but it didn't really catch on, so now that he is older and learning at a much faster rate than I am, it seems to be much easier.  He made up his own "I'm done" sign (see last post), but the first one he did that we taught his was eat/drink.  Unfortunately we haven't been able to see a clear difference for eat or drink, but at least we have the general idea.  He seems to do this sign quite often recently and when he really means business, he starts doing it harder!  For example, if we are taking too long in the morning to get moving on his breakfast he'll start pounding his mouth with the "eat" sign...sheesh.

"Eat," Mommy!

He also does the sign for "milk," "crayon" and "car".  We are working on other important ones like "hug" and "I love you"!


Tracy said...

I'm a huge fan of baby signing! Lily learned a few at about the same age, and just learning "please" made such a huge difference in her behaviors. She went from SCREAMING for everything she wanted to frantically signing "please, please, please!" Oh, that was a happy day. :-)

IUgirl78 said...

I LOVE baby signing!!! I can't remember offhand, but there used to be a great website that I used as a reference for learning various signs. I also had a book with basic ones, and we read from that often. I really think it cuts down on the frustration between parent and child. We didn't have to use them long w/ Reese since she was an early talker, but it really helped with Ryan since he was a little delayed. Keep up the good work!