Sunday, February 28, 2010


Today we were a part of a wonderful community campaign.  Fynn, a four year old in our region, was diagnosed with a rare from of (myeloid?) luekiema.  He is in need of a stem cell trans(plant/fusion?) and after searching the world wide data base of 7-8 million people they didn't come up with anyone.  We went to a blood-typing assembly line which was amazingly orgainzed and full of people.  We arrived right at the beginning and people were already lined up out the door of a high school sized gymnasim.  We were only there about 50 minutes, including registering and drawing blood.  I was so struck by the shear number of people who were there to help a little boy they didn't know.  Of course some people did know him...Jan heard a Dad showing a picture of Fynn to his son, saying 'you know him from the playground, remember?'  I was honored to be part of such a community mission and we hope they will find a match - I even hope it will be me! 

To anyone local:  the article I linked to also has information how to donate.  Each blood typing process costs €50, so they are thankful for any and all donations.

To everyone:  I encourage you to go and have your information "typed" so you can be added to the data base in order to help other children like Fynn in the future.  The whole time I kept thinking...this could be my son - how eternally grateful I would be for everyone's help.  Please keep Fynn and his family in your thoughts and prayers.  How thankful I am tonight for my healthy baby sleeping peacefully in his bed.

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