Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. I should have mentioned this yesterday, but Blaise has begun waving! He doesn't do it 100% of the time when coming or leaving, but he's gotten pretty good at it :)

2. Jen is now home with her beautiful Jonah - if all goes well today I get to see them this afternoon!

3. I thought I was going to start packing last week for the Big Trip, but I think I'm so overwhelmed by it that I'm stalling. Another problem is that I really don't know what equipment to take. I am considering taking the pack-n-play, car seat and stroller. All three of those things seems excessive, so I'm thinking about ditching the pack-n-play and just winging it. Thoughts?

4. This past weekend was the "Weinmarkt" ("Wine Market" - but really it's a wine fair) and it is my favorite festival in Mainz! The Christmas Market takes a very close second, but the Weinmarkt is held up in the park where I took the pictures yesterday and it is beautifully lit in the evenings. We've enjoyed many a Sekt (sparkling wine) there under the turning-fallish sky. Love it!

5. Jan is going to a conference this week - Wednesday to Friday. The person he was going with was scheduled to give a talk about blahblahblah (I don't know what Jan's talking about), but last minute he had to cancel. Guess who is giving the talk in front of 100-200 people now? :)

6. Blaise has eaten: avocado, sweet potato, parsnips (thanks to Parthena for this idea! He loves them!), peas, pumpkin, zucchini and bananas. He tried some green beans in a glass and was less than thrilled (in all fairness, they were pretty gross). I wanted to give them to him again to get a picture of his face, but Jan wouldn't let me. Needless to say, he didn't eat them. The doctor has given us the clearance to try anything - even schnitzel and hambugers as he said :) We're taking it slow to make sure we can identify an allergy should one arise, but after 9 months, I think we'll just let it roll :)

7. Jan's sister, Andrea, celebrated her birthday yesterday. We had a nice brunch with them on Sunday to celebrate.

8. Sunday was a pretty packed day. We met up with the Lischewski's (pictures to come) and had a nice time catching up with them. They recently spent 2 weeks in Spain and are old pros at international travel with children (they have 3!), so we got some good tips.

9. If you are interested in editing your pictures (even if it is to get the red-eye out) then I recommend using Picasa or https://www.photoshop.com/. Both are free and a good start to an editing program. I am hoping to upgrade at some point, but for now these free programs are a big help.

10. Blaise has been sleeping for 1hr and 20min - he better wake up soon so I can go work out! (I'm never satisfied, eh?)

(Explanation: I've seen a few people do the "Ten on Tuesday" in their blogs and always thought it was a cute idea. It's also a good way to get some random thoughts down before they never get blogged about. I hope to keep it up, so come back next Tuesday for more randomness!)

PS: my spell check doesn't seem to be working anymore - anyone else having this problem in blogger?


jenlnew said...

Love 10 on Tuesday! I suggest all 3, stroller, car seat, and pack n play. We could have never traveled without it. When we flew we just checked it. You could buy one here too. The green bean thing, its been suggested by many publications that I have read, it may take 10 times of trying a new food before they like it, so keep on trying.

Tracy said...

I like the "Ten on Tuesday" idea, too! I love that you're blogging more often these days. I feel like I'm getting to know you again. =)

APMom said...

I would suggest checking with the places you are staying to see if they have a crib or pack n play available for use. We do this at hotels. It is so much easier than lugging ours along.