Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Congratulations Carrie and Ian!

My first attempt at blogging somehow got erased, so bear with me while I try to remember all the fun things we did over our first weekend here.

First of all, the flight over was great! We were so lucky to have an extra seat next to us on the plane, which Blaise took full advantage of and gave us some extra leg room for STUFF and for Blaise to sleep. I was very concerned about him sleeping on the plane, since he isn't the best sleeper (as I've mentioned). We were rewarded, for what I don't know, but he fell asleep in his seat holding on to his snack for his first nap. Later we had to work a bit harder, but he was really tired and a 9 hour flight surely didn't help. We had what can only called a duffel bag from the airline for him to sleep in, but Jan rigged it to be comfortable. We flew United and I found the flight attendants were mostly blah, but there was one who was really sweet and helped us out. All the passengers around us loved Blaise and commented how good he was, and he really was good - he didn't really fuss only when he was tired. He liked flirting with the lady in the seat behind us and the pretty lady from South Africa next to me. I was nervous about him perhaps wanting to get down and move around on the floor, but he was content to hang out with us and it really helped that he had his own seat so he could do his own thing.

We arrived Thursday evening at Maria's B&B on Kent Island, Maryland, just over the Bay from Annapolis, and put Blaise directly to bed. He thankfully slept a bit in the car once it got dark around 7, because we got caught in traffic and it took us longer to get to the B&B than we thought. The wedding festivities were planned at Maria's and it was a beautiful location right on the Chesapeake Bay! The ceremony was planned to take place on the Bay and the reception under a tent back up at the house. 

Blaise and I were the only ones staying at Maria's on Thursday night, which I was glad for since I didn't know how well he was going to sleep. He did a great job once he got to sleep though! He was up at 4:30am, but that was 10:30am in Germany so that was understandable. He took a nap pretty soon after that and slept for 2hr 40min, which he surely needed! After that he was pretty much adjusted to the time difference.

Friday we hung out during the day and explored the grounds. I was able to eat my breakfast while Blaise was sleeping and after such a long travel day the day before it was quite luxurious! Maria made awesome homemade granola and she made me an omelet with potatoes and ham. Everyone started arriving in the afternoon for the rehearsal and it was getting exciting with the house beginning to fill. We went to dinner at a crab house down the road, because Maryland is known for their crab! It was delicious! Blaise had taken a late nap that afternoon, so we took him with us and he was a trooper holding out until 9pm. I think he was glad to get back home to his bed though :)

Saturday was the big day! For those of you who don't know Carrie, she and I grew up together - we were friends before we could talk. We got up and had a wonderful breakfast in the sun, but we were a little concerned about the weather and kept checking throughout the day. Unfortunately, but 4pm the clouds had rolled in, so we moved the ceremony from the Bay to the portico, but it was still beautiful!

Here is where the ceremony was scheduled to take place (out at the water where the people are standing)

Ceremony under the portico

Blaise with Grandpa

With Carrie's family

I cried like a baby during my toast

Sunday morning we had breakfast again at Maria's and then started making our good-byes after a wonderful weekend. Carrie and Ian were off to Hawaii on Monday and since will our time will overlap in Kauai, we might get together for lunch before they leave.

Congratulations, you guys!  It was beautiful!

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