Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Pigbear Fascination (oh, and a new camera)

We got a new camera a few months ago and I thought I'd tell you about the craziness that has hence ensued.

If we really want to be honest, it is all Kristy's "fault". :) Jan had been talking about getting a new camera for awhile and was even looking at them at the store, but when I saw what the cost, I ignored everything else he said about it. We had a reliable Canon "point and shoot" (I'm getting into the lingo now, I mentioned the craziness, right?) that I was satisfied with. I always admired Kristy's pictures of her (oh-so-cute) kids, but never really thought much about the camera behind it...until she posted about her Mother's Day gift this year. I emailed her, got some info, stalked her website (and her sister's!) and was hooked - they have some great pictures of their kiddos! Jan couldn't even believe his good fortune when he realized I was researching buying a DSLR camera!

We decided on the Sony because it has the stablization stuff (so much for the lingo) in the body of the camera which (supposedly) makes buying new lenses cheaper and it's "live view" is supposed to be the fastest on the market.

I found one used (open box) through the marketplace, had it sent to my to-remain-nameless-lest-she-get-in-trouble cousin and the craziness began. (just so you don't think we paid that sticker price on, um, no...)

We still have A LOT to learn, but we're learning by doing and by online tutorials and I have to admit I have high hopes that we'll be award winning photographers one day. Well, at least we'll have some amazing pictures of Blaise.

If you are in the market for a DSLR (and I can really recommend it) I'd recommend not buying the lens that comes with the kit. We might not have actually "outgrown" the kit lens yet, but we think we have, anyway. I am now lusting over a 50mm lens (like what Kristy's got for Mother's Day) and Jan has his heart set on a super zoom lens. I think we've "compromised" on the 50mm, because it's more of a "let's take pictures of our baby" lens instead of "I need to get a picture of that eagle in tree across the lake" lens. :)

Kristy's sister (hope it's okay, I'm linking her all over the place here, let me know if not, Kristy) put up some of her favorite photography websites and I am seriously addicted to The PigBear - check it out for amazing pictures (as well as some great tips).

Here on some pictures I took yesterday morning (though all pictures posted since June have been with the new camera) - again, we're still learning and playing with light, exposure, shutter speed, etc...

Mainz Cathedral (Dom)

See, this one is overexposed, but I liked it anyway

I promised a new hat picture, you like?

PS: If anyone has some tips on how to do a hyperlink without having to add the html code everytime, that would be great...there must be a shortcut??


erin said...

Glad you like the blog Michelle! Thanks for the link. =)

To insert a hyperlink just highlight the portion of text that you want to be linked and then look above in your toolbar and click on the icon that looks like a chain link. A dialog box will open where you can now input the web address. Have fun and happy shooting!

jenlnew said...

I am at the moment looking into a new camera as well. I too was fine with the point and shoot that we have but have decided it is not doing what I want it to and looking at this, not a DSLR camera but a step up from our point and shoot at a nice price of $150 from a mom friend of mine. Would love to know what you and Jan think of it, since I know you've researched just about everything under the sun : ). Not crazy about only 6MP, but don't think I can find a deal on a nice camera with higher MP, under $200. She let us borrow it and am currently testing it out, but WOW what a lot of stuff to learn! Enjoy your new one, I definitely noticed a difference in your recent pics, thought you had upgraded but wasn't sure.

Michelle said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for the info re: sleep, it's good to know we're not alone!!

we didn't really research anything other than DSLR cameras - but Nikon, Canon (and Sony) seem to be the way to go in that category.

this canon is surely a good camera, just don't know enough about it to be able to tell you if it will fit your needs well. The price seems like a steal though! Jan did mention however that this camera seems to be a few years old (the first comments on amazone were from 2006), and thought perhaps you could get something better for under $200 with today's technology. He mentioned the Lumix cameras from Panasonic because of the high quality zoom.

Let me know what you decide on!

Mommy KW said...

Hi Michelle!

Cool, you got a comment from Erin! :) Congrats on the new camera. You are rocking it! Of course, you have an ADORABLE subject. Oh my, he is SO cute!

Thanks for the links to my blog. I'm glad that you've enjoyed the photography links. The Pigbear (Erin) has inspired me to learn more about photography, too. There is a new book published by Bryan Peterson that has received great reviews, if you want to read a book on photography. I think I will be getting it soon! I have read his "Understanding Exposure" and found that to be very helpful.

When I went to buy my camera, the salesman tried to sell me the Sony. I would have bought it if I weren't such a Nikon girl. I have heard it is a great camera. I will now be stalking your blog to look at your awesome pics! Of course, not only do you have your cute son as a subject but some cool architecture as well. I, well... I have cows and corn. :) Gotta love Indiana!

Take care!

IUgirl78 said...

I really think the 50mm lens will be perfect for taking pictures of Blaise right now. To be honest, I haven't used mine that much because I haven't been taking a lot of portraits/shots of my kids because they don't sit still or are not in the mood! But it's perfect for having a baby. Can I just come and take pictures of Blaise???

I also agree w/ Jan and would love a zoom lens. Especially because we do a lot of hiking, I feel like we could get some great shots.

I am so glad you are enjoying photography as much as you are! You really are a natural. :)