Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Jan had a great time in Dresden at the conference. It turned out to be a mini-holiday which was well deserved. His speech went well and he very much enjoyed the cultural events - city tour, great food and river cruise on the Elbe.

2. While Jan was gone, I ate cereal, salmon and chocolate for dinner. oops.

3. Tonight we ate lamb bratwurst and chanterelle mushrooms. YUM!

4. Many people have recommended having snacks available for Blaise on the airplane. Since he didn't eat any snacks, I have been on the search for some! We tried some spelt bread sticks and he liked them, although he could bite too much off at a time and it made me nervous. We tried rice cakes and he wasn't such a fan. Then we tried zweiback - it was a big hit! He loves it! It is so cute how he munches - pictures to come! :)

5. We have been enjoying Zotter chocolate since we discovered it a while back. It is hand made, organic and super yummy. There are some wacky flavors too, like 'Peanuts and Ketchup'! We had 'Walnuts and Marzipan' this evening. If you can find it, give it a try!

6. We've had a good run of naps, but yesterday Blaise didn't sleep in the afternoon again. He was up for 11 hours and slept for 50 minutes in the morning. He is crazy! (which made me crazy too...today was slightly better, he at least slept even if it was too late)

7. I have made contact with two English speaking women with babies (each 9 months) who live in Mainz. I am looking forward to meeting them and having playdates with English speaking babies!

8. It's gotten a lot colder here, it was in the 50s this morning! It is supposed to warm up a bit tomorrow, but it had Jan and I looking at snowsuits for Blaise yesterday.

9. I thought I had a lot more interesting things to tell you all...I guess not...

10. ...except for, Blaise seems to be "crawling" check it out:


IUgirl78 said...

Oh my word, he looks ADORABLE in that sweater!!! I cannot believe he's starting to crawl. That just opens a new world of fun. :) (I won't say for whom.) Ha!

jenlnew said...

Oh boy! You are in trouble! And just in time for your trip! Let me know if you need any baby proofing items. I have outlet covers galore and a baby gate. Rubber bands around the doorknob of the cabinets with the cleaning items in it are a great last minute solution.