Thursday, June 16, 2011

We're here! and Kate is 6 months!

We left for the US on Kate's half birthday.  It was a long day, but all in all they mastered it pretty well.  We were prepared with snacks, toys and the iphone. Kate did a good job of napping in the Ergo carrier and we kept Blaise entertained, so much so that he didn't sleep.  When we arrived in Chicago it was after 10pm in Germany and he hadn't slept all day! Of course he nodded off in the car on the way back to my parent's house and then woke up cranky.  Once we arrived here all that was forgotten as he explored his new digs, which included a new room, bed and toys! My mom had some of my old toys ready for him as well as some new toys.  It was hard to convince him to go bed.

For as well as Kate did on the plane, she had had it once we were in the car.  We arrived to 90 degree weather in Chicago which probably didn't help the situation.  She tucked in pretty quickly in her new pack-n-play which we strategically placed in the bathroom with no windows!

Powering up with coffee at the airport

Blaise and Daddy waiting to board

Snacking on his apple on the plane

Looking SO big with his earphones and iphone

Chowing on a candy bar from the flight attendant 

We didn't really let her eat it

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