Saturday, June 18, 2011


Before we arrived I looked around at the Munster and Highland Parks Departments' websites trying to find a summer program for Blaise. We were going to be here for about two months, so I wanted to take advantage of this extended visit with some English speaking kids groups. I found a Playgroup, "Wiggles and Giggles" in Highland at Lincoln Center - a community center that I used to go to as a child! Since I don't have many opportunities to watch my kids enjoy the places I did as a child, I really appreciate the times I do ever so much. It is nice program every Monday for two months. The morning begins with some songs, playing and counting with the parachute, listening to a story, doing a craft and some free play. Blaise hasn't really interacted with the other children so much, but the teacher is very nice and he seems to respond to her.

Sitting in a circle waiting to sing some songs

Kate was there, too

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