Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Some Friends Are Silver, But These Are Gold

My IU girlfriends and I get together somewhat annually with our families. We met up at Pokagon State Park which offers a lot of actitivies for the kiddos. This year we hung out at the beach and had a yummy picnic. Each time we get together we add new little ones, like these three here.

Aren't they cute?

Eleanor got some sand in her hair...

Blaise had a great time at the playground,

with beautiful Carolyn,

and digging at the beach with beautiful Eleanor.  

Blaise somehow convinced the girls to fetch him water to fill into his hole. He must be a sweet-talker (which is ironic, since he doesn't say that many words!) :)

I unfortunately didn't get any other pictures, but there was fun to be had by all 11 kids!

Adults had fun after the kiddos went to sleep with some cold beverages and old stories. I love seeing you all, I just wish it could be more often!

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