Saturday, June 18, 2011

Reuniting with Friends

One thing I enjoy so much on our trips home is reconnecting with old friends.  I am so lucky to have wonderful friends from my childhood, high school and college that I am still close to.  These are not friends that I see every day or even every month, sometimes more than a year separates our meetings.  And yet, it is as if no time has passed...except for the growing number of kids!

Our first weekend here I got together with some of my girlfriends from college.  It was a real girls weekend, since we took Kate with us.  Blaise stayed home with the boys and enjoyed some indoor playground fun at Bellaboos.  Here is a picture of us that I stole from my friend Kristy's blog.

The following weekend two more of my college friends stopped at my parents each with their pretty little girl. The "big" kids had fun playing together and cooing over Kate.

She's sooo pretty!

This girl is a riot!

Blaise sharing his blueberries with his new friends

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