Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Unveiling

My Mom has always enjoyed baking and making my birthday (and wedding!) cakes.  We have given her the honor of baking Blaise's two birthday cakes.  Last year's was a fish based on his love of swimmy fish and this year's was Elmo based on his new found love of the little red monster.  She is very methodical in her ways and it shows in the outcome.

Those of you interested in children's birthday cakes in Germany, I can highly recommend the online service of Backformenladen.  Not that it is impossible to find cake pans here, but the selection leaves something to be desired.  Backformenladen has (at least what seems like) hundreds of pans for many occasions available for rent (also some to purchase).  The price is fair and I liked the idea of renting so that I don't end up with 40 pans by the time my kids move out (less stuff!).  I found them very easy to deal with and accommodating.  They ship cake paraphernalia (food coloring, icing, baking soda, etc.) along with the pan and you pay for whatever you use.  We actually didn't use this service, but it was good backup should we have run out of something (which we almost did - Elmo's fur needed a lot of coloring!).


Jody said...

What an amazing job your Mum did. I used to love picking out what type of cake I was having every birthday as a child. :D

IUgirl78 said...! What a cute cake! Did you actually use an Elmo pan? I made an Elmo cake for a friend's daughter one year, but I had to cut it out of a rectangular pan, and it didn't look as cute as your mom's. Adorable!

jenlnew said...

Good thing I logged on here to change my email address! I totally missed everything on here after Christmas! Must have been because of my LAST email address change! Hope this is the last one for awhile! LOVE the cake! Rose is such an artiste`! She always made beautiful cakes! Your mom and dad and grams are headed here for a visit today! : )