Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Shelving We Will Go

Those of you who have known me long enough might remember the shelves in my bedroom in my parents' house.  My Dad built the shelves when I was quite small and I enjoyed them throughout my childhood.  Since my parents were going to be visiting for a chunk of time, we asked my Dad to build some shelves for Blaise.  Just before Christmas Jan and my Dad spent an afternoon planning and measuring and buying wood and drilling and re-measuring and admiring.  Blaise had a great time moving pieces of wood around, hammering the work-in-progress and just helping in general.

On a photography note, I have been disturbed by the red tones in the pictures I've taken in the evenings.  I'd read something about white balance, but didn't really understand what that meant so I ignored it.  After looking at pictures from this evening, Jan mentioned the white balance.  It took me less than five minutes to google and change the setting on my camera.  Not trying to give the impression I actually understand the whole concept now, but there is a definite improvement in the coloring with the auto white balance setting.  Next step is figuring out how to set it manually, for which I'll need a grey card.  Recommendations, anyone?

Witness red toned pictures:

Blaise hammered Daddy on the head!

Witness the not so red toned pictures (admittedly taken the next morning):

Finished product taken with my point and shoot because I don't have a wide enough lens on the DSLR

Thanks for the shelves, Grandpa!  Blaise loves them! (and so do we!)


Quinn said...

Blaise is getting so big! I love the pictures of him helping...and those shelves are AWESOME! I may have to ask my dad to copy them :)

Tracy said...

Very impressive (and I love the shot of Jan's face after he's been hit on the head, haha). I need to figure out something similar, because I'm so sick of having to stumble over toys in the family room!

jenlnew said...

I can't tell you how many times I go home and see my shelves in my old room, I WANT THEM IN MY HOUSE! : ) Great job, they look awesome! Um, Uncle Lynn, if you're bored, anytime, come on over. ; ) Love the pic after Jan got bonked in the head, I knew that was what had happened before I even saw the caption. Took one look at his face and saw Blaise with the hammer in his hand. Too cute!

MichelleK said...

What a fun project for the boys and to have pictures documenting them working on it together is priceless. Love the shelves! Great Job :)

IUgirl78 said...

Wow! I'm so impressed!!! Loved the pictures of the boys working together, too!

IUgirl78 said...

BTW, Kelly has a gray card that she uses to set her white balance...Do you still have her e-mail? If not, I'll try to remember to ask her where she got it! :)